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Thank you for your interest in the position of Program/Financial Specialist.  Your completed response to this supplemental questionnaire will be evaluated to determine the best qualified candidates and the questionnaire must be completed properly in order to be given full consideration for the next phase in the selection process.

Responses should be thorough and specific, yet concise and succinct. A lack of adequate detail in the supplemental questions and in your application, may result in failure or disqualification for this recruitment.  Clarity of expression, grammar, spelling, and the ability to follow instructions will be considered in the evaluation process.  A resume will not be accepted as a substitute for a thoroughly completed employment history and supplemental responses.


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Describe a specific program or contract you managed that required you to understand and comply with specific regulatory requirements.  Describe the program or contract, size of the budget, your role, and some of the requirements you had to comply with.


Describe your experience and understanding of fiscal management of federal and state funded contracts, including budgeting, financial tracking and reporting. Please provide an example of a contract that you managed.


Discuss your procurement related experience. Please include any experience you may have in preparing Request for Quotes (RFQ), Request for Proposals (RFP), evaluating bid results, and awarding contracts. Describe your role and provide an example of a challenging procurement project for which you were responsible.


Program/Financial Specialists are required to write financial, narrative and technical documents, such as, protocols, board letters and contracts.  Please describe your experience writing these types of documents.  Describe a specific job related writing project for which you were responsible.


Information provided in your responses to the supplemental questionnaire regarding your employment experiences must also be detailed in the Work Experience section of the application for this recruitment.  Please be sure to list all employers and required information, on your application, especially if you are referencing those employers in your responses to the supplemental questions.

The supplemental questions were designed to elicit your experience as it relates to the current recruitment in order to identify the best qualified candidates for this position.  Only the best and most suitably qualified candidates will be invited to participate in the oral interviews.  By selecting yes below, you certify your understanding that all applicants who meet minimum qualifications are not guaranteed to move forward in the process.  Do you understand the above statement?

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