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Supplemental Questionnaire

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IMPORTANT:   Applicants for this position are required to submit responses to the following supplemental questions.  Your responses will be evaluated and used in the selection process in order to identify the best qualified applicants.  Responses should be thorough and specific.   Clarity of expression, grammar, spelling and the ability to follow instructions will be considered in the evaluation process.  A resume will not be accepted as a substitute for properly completed responses.


I acknowledge that in order to qualify under Pattern II of the minimum qualifications, I may be required to provide a copy of my official college transcripts.

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Describe in detail your work history that is relevant to the Clerk-Recorder’s Supervisor I position.  In your response, please include the following information for each position:

a. Your Title
b. Employer
c. Dates you performed these functions
d. Number of hours worked per week
e. Your specific duties and responsibilities


Describe your experience functioning in a lead or supervisory capacity.  Please include in your response the position titles of staff you led/supervised, the size of the unit, the type of work performed by your organization and staff, your customer base, and your lead/supervisory responsibilities.


Describe your experience using finance/records management systems and new technology as it relates to the Clerk-Recorder’s Supervisor I position.