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Thank you for your interest in the position of Associate Deputy Public Defender, Exam #23-3110-01. Applicants for this position are required to submit responses to the following supplemental questions.  Your completed responses to the supplemental questionnaire will be evaluated to determine your qualifications and must be completed properly in order to be given full consideration for the next phase in the selection process. Additionally, your responses will also be evaluated and used in the selection process in order to identify the best qualified applicants. 

Responses should be thorough and specific.  A lack of detail and explanation in the supplemental questions and in your application may result in failure or disqualification for this position.  Clarity of expression, content, experience, grammar, spelling and the ability to follow instructions will be considered in the evaluation process.  A resume will not be accepted as a substitute for properly completed responses.

Information provided in your responses to the supplemental questionnaire regarding your employment experiences must also be detailed in the Work Experience section of the application for this recruitment.  Please be sure to list all employers and required information, on your application, especially if you are referencing those employers in your responses to the supplemental questions

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Are you a current member of the California State Bar?

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If your answer is yes, please provide your bar number.  If you have recently passed the bar and are waiting for your bar number to be assigned, please indicate the date which you took the bar and the expected date you will receive your bar identification number.


List in detail and describe any experience you have as an attorney, law clerk, or other position in any Public Defender's Office, District Attorney's Office, or law firm specializing in the handling of criminal cases. In addition, list any and all experience you have which has prepared you for criminal trial work.


Describe your experience as a student, law clerk, or practicing attorney in which you assumed the role of an advocate in a litigation context. If you have actual trial experience indicate the following:

  1. The number and nature of trials.
  2. Any particular information about each trial that you believe the screening panel should know.

List all courses, clinics, and/or training programs over and above the minimum law school requirements in which you have participated that are relevant to criminal justice, constitutional law, evidence, criminal procedure, or litigation.  Please provide specific dates of courses, clinics, and/or training programs and a detailed description of your participation.


Describe specific aspects of your background and experience which demonstrate a substantial interest or motivation in criminal defense work. Not every desirable attribute of a good Public Defender can be captured in a profile of work experience, professional, and academic history. Use this section to set out, in appropriate narrative detail, any valuable attributes, life experience and special knowledge that you would bring to this position.


Describe your most complex experience interviewing a new client. Please state how you counselled that person with regard to their rights and how you described the options available to them within the legal proceedings. Describe the client's situation, the steps you took, and the ultimate outcome for the client.


Describe your most recent court room litigation experience where you were required to present a complex argument before the court. Why was the argument complex? Describe the steps you took to prepare your summation and the outcome after your presentation of the facts.


In a concise statement, set forth your view of the appropriate ethical and professional standards that should be observed by a Public Defender. Indicate any information that you want the screening panel to consider that bears on your ethical and professional standards. If you have ever been the subject of any State Bar disciplinary investigation or disciplinary proceedings, describe the situation fully, indicating whether such investigation or proceedings are still pending, or have resulted in censure (private or public reproval) or in any other disciplinary action.  If you have ever been discharged from a position or forced to resign, as asked on the application, please also explain here.


Describe your knowledge and experience with holistic defense and how the role of an Associate Deputy Public Defender works within the Holistic Defense model.


List three or more references, providing current addresses and daytime telephone numbers.  At least one reference should relate to your current or recent employment. The screening panel reserves the right to contact logical references not listed by you in this application. As indicated on the application form, inquiry may be made of your former employers.  Your present employer will not be contacted without your consent.


Official Law School transcripts must be submitted using one of the following three methods by the Last Day of Filing to be given full consideration. Failure to submit transcripts by the Last Day of Filing will result in disqualification. Postmarks are not accepted.

  • Attached to Application - If attached to application, please attach using the 'other' tab, along with any other documents you wish to submit.  *Please upload and submit only one (1) PDF. DO NOT try to upload multiple documents.  If you have multiple documents, please save all documents in one file and attach it once under the RESUME tab.
  • In-Person or by US Mail - Alameda County Human Resource Services, Attn: Tracy Gonzalez/Associate Deputy Public Defender Transcripts, 1405 Lakeside Drive, Oakland, CA 94612.
  • E-mail - If emailed, please send with subject line: 'Associate Deputy Public Defender - Transcripts.' Transcripts must be sent to the Human Resources Analyst, Tracy Gonzalez at

Please note: *If unofficial transcripts are submitted in lieu of official transcripts by the Last Day of Filing, then official transcripts must be received by no later than the date of the oral exam you are scheduled for, should you be invited to participate. All official transcripts that are submitted must have an explanation of the grading system used for each law school you attended. In addition, you can upload letters of reference, a resume and/or other documents that you believe the screening panel might find helpful in evaluating your application. Attachment of the resume, letters of reference, and transcripts cannot serve as a substitute for a completed application or responses to the Supplemental Questionnaire. These documents can be uploaded and attached in the "Resume" tab of the application.

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The supplemental questions were designed to elicit your experience as it relates to the current recruitment in order to identify the best qualified candidates for this position.  Only the best and most suitably qualified candidates will be invited to participate in the oral interviews.

By selecting yes below, you certify your understanding that all applicants who meet minimum qualifications are not guaranteed to move forward in the process. 

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