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Economic Development Analyst I

Recruitment #17-0251-01


THIS IS A NEW ASSEMBLED EXAMINATION. The eligible list resulting from this examination will cancel any existing list and may last approximately one year, but can be extended.

Supplemental Questionnaire: A properly completed Supplemental Questionnaire must be submitted with each application. Applications and Supplemental Questionnaires must be in the possession of the Human Resource Services Department by 5:00 p.m. on the Last Day for Filing. Failure to submit the Supplemental Questionnaire will result in disqualification. Postmarks are not accepted. Applications will only be accepted online.


The East Bay Economic Development Alliance (East Bay EDA) is a cross-sector membership organization with 27+ years of high-level leadership and collaborative history serving Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.  East Bay EDA has over 135 active organization members, including 28 cities/towns.  

As a regional economic development organization recognized by the Governor’s Office of Business & Economic Development, East Bay EDA represents a broad network of resources, information and services that connects business, government, special district and nonprofit leaders to enhance economic development and quality of life assets.  

East Bay EDA provides research, analysis, support and direct business services with guidance from its Economic Development Directors’ Council, composed of economic development representatives from member cities/towns, local Workforce Development Boards, county unincorporated areas, and Small Business Development Centers.  East Bay EDA also provides professional development training opportunities for its counties and member cities/towns.  

About the Work Environment
Although originally an advisory committee to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, East Bay EDA now has its own 501 (c) 3 status and serves both East Bay counties, while maintaining a fiscal and management relationship with Alameda County.  

The work of East Bay EDA is approached through a cross-sector lens, in reference to its initial work and the belief that a diverse strategy is more thoughtful and sustainable.  East Bay EDA uses processes and procedures that guide its fiscal management, personnel system and governance, however it works in an entrepreneurial environment, mindful of innovation and the creative use of resources to increase capacity and impact.  

East Bay EDA’s work often expands beyond the traditional work week schedule, and participating in evening events, conferences and trade shows at the Economic Development Analyst I level is not infrequent.  

The Economic Development Analyst I is expected to work as a supportive part of the East Bay EDA team, providing assistance to others as needed and as appropriate.  The incumbent is expected to demonstrate professionalism and respect towards team members, East Bay EDA leadership and organizational members, leading to the development of trustful relationships and a strong sense of dependability.   

All team members of East Bay EDA are expected to embrace continuous learning and develop from experiences and constructive feedback.  Professional development opportunities are made available and built into the East Bay EDA budget.  Professional pro bono mentors are also identified for team members to enhance professional and personal goal development.

Governance & Work Focus
East Bay EDA is governed by a group of high-level, cross sector leaders - its Executive Committee - with members including:

  • Appointees from the East Bay Boards of Supervisors & County Administrators
  • Appointees from the East Bay Mayoral Conferences and the City Managers’ Associations
  • Appointees from the Economic Development Directors’ Council
  • Appointee from the Alameda County Special District’s Association
  • “C” and “E” level business representatives, across industries
  • Labor representative
  • K-12 and post-secondary education representatives
  • Environmental stewardship representative
  • Research laboratory representative
  • Utilities representative
  • Regional philanthropic and nonprofit representatives  

East Bay EDA’s strategic work plan is developed from the goals and metrics identified by its Leadership Committees.  These Committees focus on the areas of:

  • Business Development & Resources
  • City/Town Economic Development Opportunities & Challenges
  • International Trade & Investment
  • Land Use and Infrastructure Maintenance & Needs
  • Legislation & Advocacy that Promote Economic Development and Quality of Life
  • Regional Marketing & Communications
  • STEM Education Leading to Sustainable Employment & Careers
  • Membership Engagement

About the Position
The Economic Development Analyst classifications are unique to East Bay EDA, with the Economic Development Analyst I position as the entry level classification that works under the general direction of more senior analysts or team members. The Economic Development Analyst I incumbent is eligible for consideration to the Economic Development II classification without formal examination with the demonstration of success in progressively more difficult work, the ability to work more independently, and the attainment of economic development education through recognized organizations, such as CALED (California Association for Local Economic Development).  

The incumbent is expected to have familiarity and/or aptitude to utilize data platforms for research and analysis purposes, including:

  • Federal and state available data, including labor statistics
  • EMSI
  • CoStar
  • EconoVue              

Typical Responsibilities of the Economic Analyst I Position

Data Maintenance & Reports

  • Assists with membership data reports as needed for financial analysis, membership projection and targeted member and sponsor solicitation.
  • Assists with maintenance of regional and sub-regional data and preparation of reports for presentation to members, the Economic Development Directors’ Council and the East Bay EDA Committees.
  • Serves as the formal back-up staff for the maintenance of the Salesforce database system that houses member and resource information.
  • Assists with data listings for the San Francisco Business Times’ East Bay Book of Lists.
  • Assists with other data collection and maintenance as needed.  

Event Planning and Support

  • Assists with the development of event plans, including identification of desired goals, metrics for success, budgets and logistics.
  • Assists with preparing sponsor benefit packages, sponsor solicitation and follow-up tasks, including sponsor post-event reports.
  • Assists with attendee reservations and seating.
  • Assists with event logistics including securing appropriate vendors, participants and materials and researching vendors and consultants.
  • Assists with conducting post-event analysis of attendance for evaluation purposes.
  • Assists with implementing acknowledgement strategies for event participants and sponsors.
  • Assists with coordinating opportunities for media coverage.
  • Assists with social media communications to promote events.  

Committee & Meeting Support

  • Assists in the preparation of meeting materials and presentations.
  • Prepares A/V presentations as needed. ·
  • Conducts follow up tasks as directed.
  • Assists with securing panelists and other presenters.
  • Assists in the preparation of Committee packets and information.
  • Assists with drafting Committee meeting notes.
  • Assists with surveying Committee members for follow-up tasks, attendance verification, or solicitation of input.  

Data Analysis & Research

  • Conducts industry-specific and other analysis for member cities.
  • Assists other analysts with special research and reports.
  • Contributes to planning and review of East Bay Economic Outlook and other East Bay EDA commissioned reports.
  • Conducts research on resources, investors, businesses and other items as directed.
  • Works with East Bay EDA partners to secure data for presentations and reports.
  • Provides data to assist with proposal submissions for business and workforce development funds.  

Budget Maintenance

  • Assists in tracking expenditures and incoming revenue
  • Assists with quarterly forecasting.
  • Assists with annual budget preparation.        

Other Areas of Responsibility

In addition, the position will assist the Executive Director with preparation of internal and external reports, and preparation for external and internal meetings.  The position may also participate in East Bay EDA exhibit opportunities at business events and sponsored events, which may be hosted outside of the typical work day hours.  The position is expected to participate in professional development opportunities including CALED trainings, when appropriate, to advance learnings in the field towards a promotion to the Economic Development Analyst II classification.


Either I

Possession of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university (a degree in related field of economics or city regional planning is preferred).


The equivalent of six months of full-time experience in the class of Economic Development Trainee in the Alameda County classified service.


The equivalent of six months full-time experience in the class of Economic Development Trainee in the Alameda County with the total number of hours of work experience as an Economic Development Intern substituted as equivalent hours in the Trainee position.


The equivalent of two years full-time professional level experience in economic or community development, research or a closely related field.


NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the “Examples of Duties” section of this specification. 

Working Knowledge of:

• The principles, practices and issues of economic and community development including industrial retention, development and recruitment, strategic planning, resource development and marketing.
• Federal, state and local economic development/business resource programs.
• Resources and practices utilized in urban, regional economic development programs.
• The preparation, review and dissemination of technical reports (technical writing skills).
• Statistical and analytical techniques applicable to economic and demographic data.

Working Knowledge of:

• Fiscal and budgetary practices and funding sources.
• Principles of public administration, organization and management.
• Techniques used in group dynamics, negotiation and consensus building.
• Computers and software (Microsoft Word, Access, Excel & Outlook and Adobe Acrobat).
• Use of the internet to conduct research, access data, reports and related news.
• The principles and techniques of report writing and organizational and operational analysis.

Desired Knowledge of:

• Federal, state and local environmental agencies and their role with other agencies and the business community.
• How to utilize website editing and publication software like Microsoft FrontPage, Expression Web or Dreamweaver to maintain and create webpages or websites on the internet.
• How to utilize a database program like Microsoft Access to import, format, analyze, create queries, link to, manage and update information.
• How to design, use an RFP and manage a contract with consultants and service providers.
• How to develop and implement a regional economic development program, including proactive outreach and communications, marketing strategies and collateral materials.
• Research and prepare complex economic development proposals.

Ability to:

• Analyze technical, legal and financial documents and interpret and apply complex rules, regulations, laws and ordinances.
• Organize work, set priorities and exercise sound independent judgment within established guidelines and use creative ways to resolve issues.
• Work effectively with public officials, business leaders, financial institutions, citizen groups and department managers in interdepartmental and diverse team environments.
• Effectively communicate technical information, verbally and in writing, to the business community, social and news media, and through public presentations.
• Establish and maintain a positive customer service attitude and work effectively with internal and external customers, in a highly visible position.
• Take initiative in recommending continuous process improvements and new ideas and strategies.
• Maintain the highest level of confidentiality and professional discretion when interacting in the performance of duties.
• Maintain assignment flexibility and be able to manage multiple projects and coordinate multiple special events concurrently.
• Learn new software programs and communications systems.
• Utilize letters, newsletters and the internet to communicate effectively with staff, members, business clients and prospects.


1) A review of candidates' applications to verify possession of minimum requirements. Those candidates who possess the minimum requirements for the class will move on to the next step in the examination process.
2) A review of candidates’ Supplemental Questionnaires to select the best qualified applicants to continue in the process.
3) An oral interview which will be weighted as 100% of the candidate's final examination score. The oral interview may contain situational exercises.


We reserve the right to make changes to the announced examination components. Alameda County utilizes a Civil Service Selection System founded on merit. Such a system is competitive and based on broad recruitment efforts and equal opportunity for qualified applicants to test in an examination process designed to determine the qualifications, fitness and ability of competitors to perform duties of the vacant position. Many of our recruitments are targeted and specific to the needs of a current vacant position, in which case, the eligible list may be exclusively used for that current vacant position. Other recruitments may be more broadly used for both current and future vacancies, or for other alternate jobs with comparable scopes of work.To learn more about our recruitment and selection process, please visit the “What You Need to Know” section of our website,

Selection Plan

Applicants will be informed via email with reasonable notice in advance of any examination process which will require their attendance. The following dates are tentative and subject to change based on the needs of the Agency:


Deadline for Filing:

Friday, December 1, 2017

Review of Applications for Minimum Qualifications:

December 5, 2017

Review for Best Qualified:

December 15, 2017

Oral Examination:

Friday, January 12, 2018


Alameda County and the Human Resource Services Department will make reasonable efforts in the examination and/or selection process to accommodate qualified individuals with disabilities and/or medical conditions in accordance/compliance with the State Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Alameda County’s Reasonable Accommodation Policy and applicable statutes. To request an accommodation due to a disability/medical condition during this or other phases of the examination/selection process, please contact the assigned Human Resources Representative listed on the job announcement before the last date of filing. Alameda County requires applicants to provide supporting documentation to substantiate a request for reasonable accommodation. In order to qualify for a reasonable accommodation, applicants must have a disability/medical condition pursuant to the ADA, FEHA and applicable statutes.

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