Monday, November 18, 2019

Medical Social Worker I/II

District Attorney

Recruitment #19-9999-11





The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office is comprised of approximately 150 attorneys, 60 inspectors, 30 Victim-Witness advocates and claim specialists, as well as a variety of administrative, finance, and communications professionals. Our jurisdiction covers over 800 square miles and our staff work in 9 offices located throughout the County.

We have six specialized divisions within the office:

§ Criminal Prosecution

§ Juvenile Justice

§ Consumer, Environmental and Worker Protection

§ DA Inspectors

§ Victim-Witness Assistance

§ Alameda County Family Justice Center


Job Description:


The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office is recruiting for a Medical Social Worker I/II to work with our Trauma Recovery Center Team at the Alameda County Family Justice Center (“ACFJC”).


Founded in 2005, the ACFJC collaborates with over 45 law enforcement, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to ensure safety and healing for victims of interpersonal violence through comprehensive, coordinated, culturally sensitive and accessible services, including: victim and witness assistance; legal advocacy; domestic violence and sexual assault counseling; restraining order assistance; safety planning; children's counseling; parenting support; shelter/housing assistance; benefits assistance and enrollment; Safe at Home application assistance; self-sufficiency services, professional development, resume writing and interviewing skills; criminal justice information and assistance; and clinical mental health services through the Trauma Recovery Center.


The California Victim Compensation Board administers the Trauma Recovery Center program under the authority of Government Code section 13963.1.  To be designated a “Trauma Recovery Center” applicants must be able to provide all of the following resources, treatments, and recovery services to crime victims:


•           Mental health treatment services

•           Assertive community-based outreach and clinical case management
•           Coordination of care among medical and mental health care providers, law enforcement agencies, victim
            service providers and other social service agencies

•           Services to family members and loved ones of homicide victims
•           A multidisciplinary staff of clinicians that includes licensed psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

            These clinicians can be either salaried or contract positions.


In 2016, The Alameda County Family Justice Center became the first non-hospital in California to receive the Trauma Recovery Center (“TRC”) designation.  That designation was renewed in 2018.

To meet the TRC’s on-site mental health treatment services requirement, the District Attorney has partnered with community-based non-profits La Familia Counseling Services (“LFCS”) and Youth Alive! to implement a mental health treatment program at the Family Justice Center.  The District Attorney is currently recruiting for a Medical Social Worker I/II to be part of the TRC team.



The Medical Social Worker I/II (“MSW”) performs mental health assessments, service planning and referrals to mental health services.


When a client appears at the TRC, the MSW takes primary responsibility for assessing each client’s need for mental health services.  At the initial client appointment, the MSW will explain and review the confidentiality and release of information agreement, complete the ACFJC/TRC Mental Health Screening Form, and support the client to fill out any supplemental question forms.  The MSW may then provide an initial mental health assessment using WHOQOL, PCL-5, TESI, and/or CPSS-5-SR, depending on the client’s age.  Based on the assessment results, the MSW will personally introduce the client to the Lead Clinician or LCSE, as an opportunity for the client to receive psycho-education about trauma, ask further questions and decide if they would like to return for further support.  The MSW will also link the client with a Victim Advocate, where appropriate, and assist the client to connect to other services.  Finally, the MSW will enter information received into the TRC database.


Work Location: Alameda County Family Justice Center – 470 27th Street, Oakland, 94612.





      • Possession of a Master's degree in Social Work or Social Behavioral Science

         awarded by an accredited college or university.


Knowledge of:

       • Theory, principles and techniques of trauma-informed care.
       • Theory, principles, and techniques of medical social work.
       • Trends, standards and terminology of medical social work and trauma-informed

       • General laws relating to health and welfare.

Ability to:
        • Apply casework principles and concepts.
        • Secure accurate social and personal data and record such data systematically.
        • Utilize community resources in a medical care program.
        • Establish and maintain effective and professional casework relationships.
        • Work effectively with others.
        • Communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

 • Pass LiveScan background check.


License: Possession of a valid California driver’s license is required.


To Apply: To apply, please complete the attached application using the link below and email it to the District Attorney Personnel Unit at: .  You may also contact the Personnel Unit at to request that an application be mailed to you.


DA Employee Application


All applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on July 19, 2019.


The District Attorney Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

All qualified candidates, regardless of race, ethnicity,
gender or physical ability are encouraged to apply.