Utilities Maintenance Operator (South County)

Recruitment #1902-UMNTOPBBI2-001



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Utilities Maintenance Operator is responsible for the maintenance, operation, and construction of underground utility piping and appurtenances in field conditions for the Public Utilities Department.


State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection Operator Certification Program requires an Accredited High school diploma, GED or transcript showing date of graduation. College diplomas or transcripts are also acceptable.

Note: All diplomas or transcripts not in English must be accompanied with an English translation. Diplomas must be equivalent to a United States high school diploma. Additional verification may be requested upon review. Internet based High School Diplomas or GED’s are not acceptable.

Qualification for Utility Maintenance Operator Trainee

Graduation from high school or possession of a GED Certificate; and Possession of a valid Driver's License.

Qualification for Utility Maintenance Operator (Class 3)

Possession of a current State of Florida Class 3 Water Distribution System Operator License or higher.

Qualification for Utility Maintenance Operator (Class 2)

Possession of a current State of Florida Class 2 Water Distribution System Operator License or higher.

Qualification for Utility Maintenance Operator (Class 1)

Possession of a current State of Florida Class 1 Water Distribution System Operator License or higher. Appointing authority requires a permit class “A” or “A”-Restricted Commercial Driver License with combination, air brakes, and tanker endorsements.


  • Customer Commitment - Proactively seeks to understand the needs of our customers and provide the highest standards of service
  • Dedication to Professionalism and Integrity - Demonstrates and promotes fair, honest, professional and ethical behaviors that establishes trust throughout the organization and with the public we serve
  • Organizational Excellence - Takes ownership for excellence through one's personal effectiveness and dedication to the continuous improvement of our operations
  • Success through Teamwork - Collaborates and builds partnerships through trust and the open exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives to achieve organizational goals


Heavy work - Exerting up to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 50 pounds or force frequently, and/or up to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects.


  • The work is performed in an environment where various types of chemicals are used
  • Required to work in outside in all types of weather.
  • Required to work in confined spaces while wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).
  • Required to lift up to 50 lbs. and climb up to 35 Feet.

Physical demands for the position require standing, walking, lifting, sitting, climbing, bending, squatting and kneeling. It does at times require strenuous activities such as shoveling, sweeping, raking, operating power and hand tools and some specialized equipment.

The daily work environment is limited to about 10% in office, 15% in vehicles and 75% working outside in all weather and temperatures. Trenching operations take place on various jobs that require employees working in them to fix utility infrastructure.

NOTE: Incumbents working in this classification may be required to work shifts which will include working nights, weekends, and holidays as well as working extended hours during times of emergency.


Note: The following duties are illustrative and not exhaustive. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position. Depending on assigned area of responsibility, incumbents in the position may perform one or more of the activities described below:

  • Operates, maintains, and repairs all phases of water, reclaim, and wastewater systems.
  • Inspects cross-connection controls; installs, evaluates, and repairs master meter assemblies, backflow prevention, and other devices.
  • Diagnoses malfunctions using manufacturers’ handbooks, codes, and standard operating procedures to ensure efficiency and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations for safety/environmental hazards.
  • Operates specialized, light, and heavy equipment. Locates and marks location of underground utilities. • Assist in setting up well-point systems for de-watering construction and maintenance sites; erects and dismantles shoring/trench box.
  • Assists in excavating work site, as required to facilitate installation, maintenance, or repair of water, reclaimed water, or wastewater lines and restoring site to original condition when work is complete.
  • Utilizes the Job Qualification Standards, PUD Technical Specifications, Utility Accommodation Guide, Industry Publications and Standards, and other related guidance for subject/task fundamentals.
  • May provide instruction, guidance, and training to lower level staff as required.
  • Maintains all job related credentials, work unsupervised, and performs team leader duties while in the field, which includes enforcing policy, safety procedures, and training employees.
  • Provides information and responds as appropriate to public information requests.
  • Performs other related duties as required.


    • Knowledge of water or reclaimed water distribution or wastewater collection systems.
    • Knowledge of department and Field Maintenance Service policies, practices, and standard operating procedures.
    • Knowledge of current trade practices and technology.
    • Skill in the safe operation of most equipment and tools used to maintain water and wastewater distribution systems; including service trucks and/or trailers.
    • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
    • Ability to read and understand job related material such as blueprints, office policies, practices, and procedures of the line maintenance section.
    • Ability to identify occupational hazards, implementing appropriate safety precautions, maintenance of traffic procedures, and utilizing proper personnel protective equipment (PPE).
    • Ability to diagnose machinery and equipment defects and make appropriate repairs or adjustments.
    • Ability and willingness to work outside in a subtropical climate, adverse weather conditions, and high noise levels.
    • Ability to lift and move equipment in excess of 50 pounds, climb ladders, and work in confined spaces and manholes.
    • Ability and willingness to respond to emergency situations such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural and/or unnatural crises to provide for public health and safety.
    • Ability and willingness to work overtime, rotating shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
    • Ability to work effectively with others.


      Employees in this class designated as a “Trainee” will serve a one year probationary period and within that time frame must obtain:  

      • A valid Class "A" or "A-Restricted" Commercial Driver's License with combination, air brakes and tanker endorsements within the first six months of their probationary period.      
      • A State of Florida Class 3 Water Distribution System Operator License in accordance with Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 62-602, Drinking Water by the end of the one year probationary period.

      Employees in the classes designated as a “Class 3, Class 2 and Class 1” are required to have in possession an active State of Florida Level 3, 2 or 1 Water Distribution System Operator License in accordance with Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 62-602, Drinking Water on first day of employment. They will serve a six month probationary period and within that time frame must obtain:

      • An active Class "A" or "A-Restricted" Commercial Driver's License with combination, air brakes and tanker endorsements is required within the first six months of the probationary period/employment.

      Upon obtaining Water Distribution System Operator Licenses from State of Florida Agency or designated representative of successful completion of training and meeting all requirements, incumbents will be promoted into the proper Class Utilities Maintenance Operator. The probationary training period may be extended by the Agency to which the position is assigned. 

      Selection Plan

      ***If selected for position after interview phases, you will be required to have in possession for first day of employment at minimal your PERMIT Class "A" or "A-Restricted" Commercial Driver's License with combination, air brakes and tanker endorsements. This can be obtained with taking a test at Hillsborough County Tax Collectors office or an active Motor Vehicle’s office.***