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Supplemental Questionnaire

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*Answers to the supplemental questions must be able to be validated within your work experience listed on your application to receive credit.*


This position functions as a Team Leader.  Describe your experience or relevant course work that has prepared you to be a supervisor.  Include dates, duties and place of employment.  If no experience/education, indicate N/A.


This position is responsible for hearing residential appeals.  Explain the appeals process and your experience with hearing residential appeals.  Include dates, duties and place of employment.  If no experience, indicate N/A.


This position will also work on New Construction assessments.  Describe your experience with assessing New Construction.  If you do not have this working knowledge and experience, please indicate N/A.


Do you have experience using Microsoft Office Suite software applications?  Include in your response employer name(s) and dates of employment and list the specific applications which you have had experience using.  (If you do not possess this experience, enter N/A.)


Please describe your proficiency utilizing an automated assessments valuation system.  If this does not apply, indicate N/A.

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