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Supplemental Questionnaire

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***Please note that your answers on the supplemental questionnaire must correspond to the information provided on your application to receive credit. Applications that do not include a completed supplemental questionnaire will be considered incomplete and may be subject to disapproval.***


This recruitment is limited to current employees (merit and contractual) at the Maryland Department of Commerce. Are you a current employee (merit or contractual) at the of the Maryland Dept of Commerce? 

Yes No

Please describe your five (5) years of experience performing secretarial or clerical work involving the use of a personal computer. Include details pertaining to the type of administrative and secretarial tasks performed, job title of person you performed these duties for, employer name, and dates of employment. If you do not have this experience, please indicate N/A.


Please describe your experience performing secretarial support to an Administrator, Senior Level Manager, or Director.  Include in your response years of experience, employer name(s) and dates of employment and hours worked per week.  If you do not possess this experience, indicate N/A. 


4.Please explain in detail, your experience using Google Mail, Microsoft Office Suite. Include in your response the name of employer(s) where you obtained this experience, dates of employment, types of applications you are familiar with, and relevant job duties. This information must also be reflected in your application. If you do not have this
experience, enter N/A.


Do you have experience processing transactions in Maryland State Financial Management Information System (FMIS)? If yes, please describe your experiences and include the position titles and duties. If you do not have this type of experience, please write N/A


Please describe your experience handling confidential correspondence, reports and other material of a confidential nature in an office setting. Please include the name of employer(s) and dates of employment when you performed these duties. If you do not have this experience, please type N/A.

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