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Recruitment #17-002285-0002


This is an INTERNAL RECRUITMENT restricted to current Maryland State Police employees only.


PILT 0005


Maryland State Police Aviation Command

3023 Strawberry Point Road

Baltimore, MD  21220

Main Purpose of Job

Responsible for the administration of initial, recurrent flight and ground training programs for Command Pilots and other personnel. Administers all aspects of the Command's Safety and Quality Management System. (SQMS). Ensures compliance with all safety directives. Conducts Check Airman flights whenever safety is an issue. Conducts specialized training with the Department and allied agencies. Directly responsible for and is the final authority over the operation of the aircraft assigned to him. This includes ground as well as flight operations. Ensures all Maryland State Police (MSP) and Aviation Command policies as well as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations concerning operation of Departmental aircraft are strictly followed. Responsible for the aircraft being in a constant state of readiness and will notify the appropriate supervisor of any discrepancy of a grounding nature. Responsible for all records concerning the aircraft. Makes recommendations on new equipment, procedures, innovations, etc., as deemed appropriate, through channels to the Commander. Constantly reviews FAA Regulations and Air Traffic Control procedures for the area of operation. Works in conjunction with the Second-in-Command Pilot (SIC), medical personnel and other passengers to form the crew.


Responsible for the administration of initial, recurrent flight and ground training programs for Command Personnel or as directed by the MSP Chief Pilot, Director of Flight Operations or Commander.  Conducts specialized training and safety flights with our Department and allied agencies.  Responsible for maintaining records management pertaining to certifications and training functions.  Maintains Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Flight Instructor Instrument and ATP ratings. Satisfactorily completes the initial and recurrent training of the MSP Aviation Command Standards. 

Administers Aviation Command’s SQMS.  Works with senior management to ensure appropriate resources are available for all matters concerning safety.   Conducts evaluations and audits of safety equipment.  Prepares reports and statistical data on the status and progress of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety compliance programs.  Provides safety and program insight to the Command’s Risk Management Council.  Implements recommendations of the Risk Management Council.  Acts as the resource for all matters addressing or affecting safety.  Administers the aviation safety program and coordinates the development of safety training courses.  Evaluates and processes employee Aviation Safety Reports (ASR)  Acts as the Check Airman for issues training or safety related.  Acts as the FAA Part 135 Liaison.  Maintains appropriate records, manuals associated with the duties and responsibilities.

Drafts policy, the General Operations Manual, training protocols and position descriptions in furtherance of Part 135 and Flight safety issues.

Aeromedical Missions - Responsible for the safe transport of victims, patients, equipment and medical personnel as required by protocol.    Police Related Missions - Safely performs searches, surveillance, photo missions, and other police missions and maintain confidentiality on police and Department related matters.

Ground Handling of Aircraft - Responsible for operation of the aircraft both in the air and on the ground.  Present during all ground handling operations. 

Aircraft refuel - Responsible for having the proper type and amount of fuel on board the aircraft at all times. 

Preflight and Post-flight of Aircraft and Associated Equipment - At all times, has the necessary equipment and aircraft available to respond to requests for service.  At the beginning of the shift, shall preflight the aircraft in accordance with the preflight section of the aircraft’s checklist.  Ensures the proper up-to-date charts for his area of responsibility and for surrounding areas are in the aircraft.  Post-flight the aircraft after each flight in accordance with the aircraft’s checklist. 

Weather Briefings - At the beginning of each shift, obtains a full weather briefing completing the Command weather information form in its entirety.  Obtains as necessary, sufficient weather information to ensure that the original weather briefing is staying valid.  Shall be the final responsibility of the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) to accept or decline a mission on the basis of current and forecasted weather.

Maintenance Test Pilot – Ensures all aircraft are run up and flown as needed after required maintenance is performed.  Ensures all aircraft maintenance standards and publications are followed.  Associated Paperwork - Completes flight operation logs, aircraft logs and other paperwork required by the Aviation Command and the MSP.   

General Duties - Aircraft and Work Areas – Assists in cleaning of aircraft, to include waxing.  Performs section duties assigned by the section supervisor.  Ensures work areas are clean and presentable to the public at all times.  Available to travel to any part of the State of Maryland for maintenance, instruction or line pilot duties.  Performs additional duties as prescribed by the supervisor, MSP Chief Pilot, Director of Flight Operations or Commander such as assisting in Aviation Command Recruitment.   



Education: Graduation from an accredited high school or possession of a high school equivalency certificate.

Experience: Completion of 2600 helicopter flight hours as an FAA certificated pilot.

Note: Applicants may substitute U.S. Armed Forces military service experience as a commissioned officer in Naval Aviation Pilot classifications or Rotary Wing Aviator, Pilot, or Pilots/Naval Flight Officers specialty codes in the Piloting field of work on a year-for-year basis for the required experience. Applicants may be able to substitute verified portions of flight hours recorded via the International Civil Aviation Organization for the required experience.

Helicopter and fixed wing hours may not be combined to meet the experience requirement.




1. Employees in this classification must possess and maintain FAA Commercial Helicopter or FAA Commercial Airplane multi-engine certification.

2. Employees in this classification must possess and maintain FAA 2nd Class Physical certification.

3. Employees in this classification must possess and maintain an acceptable Instrument Helicopter or Instrument Airplane Rating as determined by FAA regulations and required by the MSP Aviation Command.

4. Employees must possess and maintain FAA Helicopter or Airplane Instructor Pilot certification.

5. Employees must possess and maintain FAA Helicopter or Airplane Instructor Pilot Instrument certification.

6. Employees in this classification may be assigned duties which require the operation of a motor vehicle. Employees assigned such duties will be required to possess a motor vehicle operator’s license valid in the State of Maryland.


1. Applicants will be subject to a complete criminal background investigation, to include a polygraph examination, by the Maryland State Police Department before permanent appointment can be made. A criminal conviction record may be grounds for rejection of the applicant.

2. Employees in this classification are subject to substance abuse testing in accordance with the Code of Maryland Regulations 06.01.09, Testing for Illegal Use of Drugs.

3. Employees are subject to call-in on a 24 hour basis and must provide a telephone number or electronic beeper number so that they can be contacted.


The selection process for this recruitment will involve a review of each application.  Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be placed on an eligible list in the BEST, BETTER or QUALIFIED category.  The list will be used by the hiring manager to select the individual to fill the vacancy.


The examination will consist of a rating of your education, training and experience as presented on your application and as they relate to the requirements of this position. 


The incumbent in this position is a member of a covered bargaining unit and will be required to pay a bi-weekly service fee to the exclusive representative of the bargaining unit.



We thank our Veterans for their service to our country, and encourage them to apply.

It is the policy of the Maryland State Police to comply with all applicable federal and state laws prohibiting employment discrimination and to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to age, ancestry, color, gender, identity and expression, genetic information, marital status, mental or physical disability, national origin, race, religious affiliation, belief or opinion, sex, sexual orientation or any other protected status.