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Recruitment #23-005911-0001


The Maryland State Police Trooper application process will require you to access your online employment center account throughout your process. You must remember the username and password you create when you start your application.
Any questions or concerns regarding the Maryland State Police Trooper application and application process should be directed to Maryland State Police Recruitment and Selection Unit personnel at
All email correspondence to MSP staff should utilize an appropriate subject line indicating the purpose of the email.
***The Maryland State Police Recruitment and Selection Unit would appreciate information regarding the success of its recruitment initiatives. Please complete and submit the Trooper Applicant Internet Survey.




The position of Maryland State Police Trooper is a Statewide position. Troopers may be assigned and reassigned to any county within the State of Maryland.

To apply, you must be willing to work in any Maryland county.

*Please note, to apply, you DO NOT have to be a resident of Maryland. However, all applicants selected and hired for the position of Trooper will be required to be a resident of Maryland before graduation from the six (6) month MSP academy.

Main Purpose of Job

Maryland State Police offers a full range of police services to the residents of Maryland. The basic duties and responsibilities of every Maryland State Trooper include the following:

• Enforcing the criminal and motor vehicle laws of the State of Maryland 

• Issuing traffic citations and warnings 

• Investigating traffic accidents Investigating and completing criminal investigations 

• Interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects 

• Writing field reports 

• Arresting and processing suspects 

• Preparing cases for court and testifying in court 

• Providing basic medical attention to ill and injured persons


Career Opportunities: Although no trooper candidate is selected for immediate entry into a specialized unit, the Maryland State Police offers a wide range of assignments for experienced Troopers. After graduation from the MSP academy, field training, and initial assignment to a field installation, Troopers may request a reassignment to a specialized unit, such as:

  • Accident Reconstruction   
  • Automotive Safety Enforcement Division   
  • Aviation Command
  • Canine Unit 
  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division 
  • Computer Crimes   
  • Crime Lab  
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Dive Team   
  • Drug Enforcement 
  • Executive Protection 
  • Homeland Security   
  • Licensing Division
  • S.T.A.T.E. Team (SWAT)


Every member of the Maryland State Police is held to the same standards. To be accepted into the application process, you must: 

  • Be a United States citizen (for more information regarding qualifications of US citizenship, please visit (; or a Permanent Resident who has been honorably discharged from the United States Military Forces AND has applied for citizenship.    
  • Be at least 20 years of age but not older than 59.     
  • Possess a valid High School Diploma that is recognized by the State Board of Education or a GED (If you have a High School Diploma from a foreign country, you must have your diploma checked for equivalency. For more information, please visit (    
  • Possess a valid Driver's License in any state, and have a satisfactory driving record. Please note your current driving record CAN NOT exceed 3 points. If you exceed this point requirement, please wait to apply until you are at or below three current points.   
  • Be eligible to obtain a Maryland Driver's License.     
  • Binocular far and near visual acuity, with or without correction, must be 20/20 or better.     
  • Meet the MSP standards of medical fitness.     
  • Have a good reputation and sound moral character.     
  • Not have any current court orders relating to domestic violence.    
  • Be truthful in every stage of the application process.

An individual is ineligible for initial certification as a trooper if the individual has illegally used a controlled dangerous substance or narcotic drug for any purpose within the three years before the application for certification (not including marijuana).  All applicants must be abstinent from marijuana use within the preceding 12 months.


For information regarding Maryland State Police's Body Modification and Tattoo Policy, please visit

*The MSP currently allows the processing of trooper applicants who have full and partial tattoo "sleeves." Certain limitations do apply, including the requirement to wear the long-sleeve uniform shirt while on duty.  The recruiting staff can determine if your tattoo(s) fall under this requirement during your processing.


The entire Maryland State Police trooper application process generally takes six (6) months to complete. The application process is designed to help select those applicants who are most qualified. Below you will find an overview of the process.

Please note, that it is the goal of the Maryland State Police to hire applicants who possess the qualifications and the dedication to become a Maryland State Police Trooper. Please understand that if you successfully complete all phases of this process, you MAY receive a Final Offer of Employment. Trooper candidates are hired based on the needs of the Department. Successful completion of all phases of the hiring process does not guarantee a Final Offer of Employment.

  • Completion of the initial section of the online application up to the indicated stop point
  • Completion of an Applicant Orientation (virtual)
  • Functional Fitness Assessment Test
  • POST written examination
  • Submission of the full application with required additional documentation
  • Oral Interview
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Background Investigation
  • Medical Testing
  • Police Selection Committee


The Maryland State Police offers a comprehensive compensation package for its Troopers. For more information on Maryland State Police Trooper's salary and benefits, please visit:


If you have any questions about this recruitment, please contact the Maryland State Police at 410-653-4281


TTY Users: call via Maryland Relay.


We thank our Veterans for their service to our country and encourage them to apply.


As an equal opportunity employer, Maryland is committed to recruiting, retaining, and promoting employees who are reflective of the State’s diversity.

Bilingual applicants are encouraged to apply.

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