Montgomery City County Personnel

Corrections Officer Sergeant (#CO0421)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

The fundamental reason this classification exists is to supervise corrections officers engaged in the security and control of inmates in the Montgomery County Detention Facility.  As first line supervisors, sergeants may be required on occasion to perform tasks typically performed by officers or performed by lieutenants.  Sergeants spend the majority of their time performing the following essential functions:  ensuring the safety of staff and inmates, supervising officers, processing inmates for release, and operating the central control booth.  In addition, sergeants will also perform the following essential functions to a lesser degree:  supervising inmate actions and movement, booking inmates, performing intake duties, and performing administrative duties.  Work is performed under the supervision of a Corrections Officer Lieutenant.  The work of a sergeant differs from that of a corporal in that a sergeant has supervisory authority, and the work of a sergeant differs from that of a lieutenant in that a lieutenant has responsibility for an entire shift.  Work involves regular exposure to unpredictable conditions which may arise in a correctional institution. 

Minimum Qualifications

As of the date of the exam, all Corrections Officer Corporals in the Montgomery County Detention Facility, who have completed one year of service.

Special Requirements

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Works within secured facility with inmates of various classifications (i.e., minimum security to maximum security).  May be required to physically restrain or subdue inmates.  May be required to inspect perimeter and facility which involves moving from floor to floor using elevators and/or stairs, entering control booths via staircase, etc.  Required to work twelve hour shifts. 

CLASS: CO0421; EST: ; REV: 2/19/2013;