Montgomery City County Personnel

Corrections Officer Captain (#CO0423)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

The fundamental reason that this job exists is to serve as part of the management team of the Montgomery County Detention Facility.  The captains are responsible for managing inmate services and facility security for the entire detention facility property and are expected to work interchangeably to support and back-up the entire management team.  They serve as an intermediary between the lieutenant classification and the major and colonel as part of the rank structure.  The essential functions include managing inmate services and/or facility security, supervising two or more employees which include correctional and civilian staff, investigating and resolving complaints, coordinating the tasks assigned to the division and division personnel, and ensuring the safety of staff and inmates.  Captains report to the Detention Facility Assistant Director and work products are reviewed via paperwork and inspection.  Errors in judgment on the part of the incumbent could result in law suits brought by employees and/or inmates and their families.

Minimum Qualifications

As of May 6, 2016, all Correction Officer Lieutenants with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office who have completed one year of service within the department as a Corrections Officer Lieutenant dating from the day of their appointment to Lieutenant are eligible to compete in the process.

CLASS: CO0423; EST: ; REV: 10/9/2009;