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This non-sworn (civilian) position is exempt from Civil Service and serves at the pleasure of the Chief of Police.


Located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is an urban hub bursting with energy. Milwaukee provides a casual sophistication – big city appeal without the big city hassles. We are accessible and affordable, and our residents are welcoming. Milwaukee has evolved through the years, bringing together its unsurpassed historic charm with a breathtaking art museum, top-flight cultural attractions, professional sports, lakefront festivals, recreational opportunities, and great restaurants.

The City of Milwaukee is proud to employ a diverse workforce that is committed to providing exemplary service to the City’s residents. If you have a passion for being a part of an inclusive team of public servants, please consider the following opportunity.


Under direction of the Fusion Division Commander, the Crime and Intelligence Manager supervises a staff of strategic and tactical analysts who perform short- and long-term analysis of crime trends, crime patterns, and crime series, as well as collect and interpret data and statistics using quantitative and qualitative methods. In the performance of this role, the Crime and Intelligence Manager has a direct impact on Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) geographic commands and investigations as well as outside agencies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Essential Functions

Analysis, Assessment, and Reporting

  • Apply analytical techniques to identify and analyze raw information to substantiate criminal patterns and trends and perform tactical analysis.
  • Use computerized analytic tools to create charts, maps, timelines, and link diagrams to illustrate analytical findings, including target relationships, time sequence of events, and criminal hierarchies.
  • Conduct tactical, strategic, and intelligence-led policing assessment of major crime.
  • Correlate, integrate, and evaluate information from investigative activities to generate investigative leads and prepare reports to document investigative activities and summarize findings.
  • Prepare reports, presentations, and maps that aid in efficient deployment of resources to prevent or control crime. Review and analyze existing reports, data, and statistics to identify patterns and trends and to prepare reports and maps in a timely manner so that criminal activity can be predicted, monitored, or suppressed.
  • Research and review new automated analytical tools in support of law enforcement strategic analysis, investigative, and intelligence activities.

  Supervisory and Training

  • Manage, develop, and train a team of crime analysts. · Lead and assist with special projects, meetings, presentations, and investigative efforts of the MPD.
  • Develop curriculum and provide training to MPD members in intelligence-led policing strategies.
  • Conduct research, write reports, and deliver presentations to assist with the development of agency strategy. Educate law enforcement personnel on criminal findings, including data, trends, and forecasts.

  Interagency Collaboration

  • Participate in investigative efforts by meeting with law enforcement officers to identify intelligence requirements needed to support investigations and to report analytical findings.
  • Provide training to other federal, state, and local law enforcement strategic and intelligence personnel.
  • Work in partnership with associated federal, state, and local agencies, analysts, and investigators to facilitate information sharing in accordance with the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan (NCISP).

We welcome qualified individuals with disabilities who are interested in employment and will make reasonable accommodations during the hiring process in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, as amended by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) of 2008.

Conditions of Employment

  • Persons offered employment must pass an MPD background investigation, medical examination, and pre-employment drug test.
  • The Crime and Intelligence Manager works first shift.
  • The person in this position must work overtime and alter one’s work schedule based on operational demand.

Minimum Requirements

1.      Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, information management systems, computer science, or a closely related field from an accredited college or university.

2.      Four years of experience performing strategic and criminal intelligence analysis, including three years of experience with relational database development, management, and data mining.

3.      Valid Wisconsin Driver's License at the time of appointment and throughout employment.


Equivalent combinations of education and experience may also be considered.  


NOTICE: Please do not attach your academic transcripts to your employment application. The hiring department will verify candidates’ education as part of the background screening process prior to extending any job offers.

Desirable Qualifications

  • A master’s degree in a related field from an accredited college or university.
  • Experience working in a law enforcement environment.
  • Experience teaching and/or presenting in the field of strategic, tactical, and criminal intelligence.
  • Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB) instructor certification. 
  • Certification as a Structured Query Language (SQL) Database Administrator (DBA).

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Other Characteristics


  • Knowledge of the integration of criminal and law enforcement data with socio-demographic and geographic data to understand why, where, and when criminal activity is taking place in relation to the community.
  • Ability to conduct strategic analysis to link with intelligence-led policing.
  • Knowledge of intelligence techniques, operations, and analytical procedures to effectively conduct analysis of criminal investigations and other large-scale intelligence projects involving interrelated subject areas.
  • Ability to read and understand documents such as laws, policies, and technical publications.
  • Knowledge of mathematics and statistics to be able to understand and produce complex statistical reports. 
  • Knowledge of and skill in using sophisticated computer applications, such as SQL, to conduct research and analyze data.
  • Knowledge of crime reports, statistics, and data series and a commitment to keeping apprised of innovative technologies and latest methodologies related to crime analysis.

Leadership and Supervisory

  • Knowledge of management principles and practices and the ability to effectively supervise and train staff.
  • Ability to foster an environment of inclusion wherein all associates are treated respectfully, are valued for their strengths, and feel that they can safely express themselves.
  • A commitment to professional development and willingness to attend training and conferences.

Communication and Interpersonal

  • Data compilation and written communication skills to be able to produce charts, maps, and narrative reports to communicate findings in a concise and well-organized manner.
  • Verbal communication and presentation skills to be able to clearly present findings to command level officers and other local, state and federal law enforcement officials.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with sworn and civilian staff, counterparts in the intelligence and law enforcement communities, representatives of City departments, elected officials, consultants, and the public.
  • Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with others whose backgrounds may differ from one’s own.

Critical Thinking and Professionalism

  • Organizational skills and the ability to work effectively under pressure while handling multiple tasks.
  • Honesty and the ability to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of information and investigations coordinated, developed, and/or assisted by the MPD.

Current Salary

The current salary range (Pay Range 1FX) is $63,585-$89,016 annually, and the resident incentive salary range for City of Milwaukee residents is $65,493-$91,686 annually. Appointment above the minimum is possible based upon level of experience and other qualifications and is subject to approval.  


The City of Milwaukee provides a comprehensive benefit program which includes:

· Defined Benefit Pension Plan

· 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

· Health and Dental Insurance

· Paid Parental Leave

· Comprehensive Wellness Program

· Onsite Clinic Services

· Onsite Employee Assistance Program

· Alternative Work Schedules

· Long Term Disability Insurance

· Group Life Insurance

· Tuition Benefits

· Paid Vacation

· 12 Paid Holidays

· Paid Sick Leave and other paid leaves

· Flexible Spending Arrangement

· Commuter Value Pass

For full details of the benefits offered by the City of Milwaukee, please visit

Selection Process

· Screening for this position will be based on an evaluation of each applicant’s education, experience, and professional accomplishments, which should be detailed in a cover letter and resume.

· Cover letter, resume, and college transcripts must be sent via email to HR Representative Mai Xiong at by 4:45 p.m. on November 29, 2022.

· Please indicate “Crime and Intelligence Manager” in the subject line of the email.

· Questions relative to the selection process may be directed HR Representative Mai Xiong at

· The City of Milwaukee reserves the right to invite only the most qualified applicants to participate in the selection process. 


· The selection process will be conducted as soon as practical after November 29, 2022.

· Receipt of application materials may be discontinued at any time after this date without prior notice. However, recruitment may continue until the needs of the City have been met. The applicant is responsible for attending all phases of the job selection process at the time and place designated by the City of Milwaukee.

Additional Information

Applications and further information can be accessed by visiting

  • Applications and transcripts should be submitted no later than the deadline listed above.
  • If you would like assistance completing an application, please contact the Department of Employee Relations at (414) 286-3751 or
  • The Department of Employee Relations is located in City Hall, 200 E Wells St, Room 706, Milwaukee, WI 53202.


EEO Code = 102

The City of Milwaukee values and encourages diversity and is an equal opportunity employer.