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Law Enforcement Communications Specialist I


Recruitment #180711-G15A-02


Those applicants who qualified under posting 180711-G15A-02 and 180711-G15A-I01 are still actively being considered and do not need to reapply

This position is located within the Investigative Services at OSBI Headquarters in Oklahoma City.


1.Operates OLETS computer terminal to receive, access, and disseminate law enforcement information. Conducts and responds to inquiries on criminal histories, backgrounds, driver’s license records, firearm permit searches, vehicle registrations, wanted and/or stolen information.
2.Conducts telephonic interviews to assist in obtaining criminal intelligence information.   Writes and enters reports based on that information.   
3.Monitors and operates OSBI radio communications systems.  Maintains appropriate logs. 
4.Performs security and safety functions e.g., monitors HQ’s Building, HQ’s east/west entry gates, surveillance van, and both 2nd floor computer rooms.   
5.Receives, processes and responds or refers public and law enforcement telephonic and facsimile requests for information or services.  Assesses the callers’ needs and provides instructions and or advice on an appropriate course of action.
6.Performs various miscellaneous clerical duties on an as needed basis.  Clerical duty assignments are a mandatory part of each shift.

This position is required to work shifts on weekends, evenings and nights.

Successful applicants must be willing to submit to a drug screen, polygraph examination, psychological evaluation (commissioned positions only), and a thorough background investigation.  Certain events automatically disqualify an applicant, such as, felony conviction; admission of an undetected crime that, if known, would have been a felony charge; failure to pay federal or state income tax; positive confirmed drug urine test; illegal use of a controlled substance within certain time frames.




Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving the operation of communication equipment in a law enforcement communication center and in providing information to law enforcement officials, other agencies and the general public.


The essential functions in this job family will vary by level, but may include the following:

  • Operates radio communication equipment and receives and dispatches radio messages on an assigned shift; provides a communications link for personnel in the field or agency headquarters, other law enforcement officials and related emergency services
  • Operates teletype and computer system to obtain information through the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (OLETS), National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS) or National Crime Information Center (NCIC).
  • Interprets and relays information to field personnel concerning wanted persons, violations of laws and other criminal activities.
  • Researches criminal history information as required, including International Police Organization (INTERPOL) data available through the various systems.
  • Makes immediate decisions on a wide variety of information received through various sources and disseminates to field personnel, agency officials and other law enforcement agencies as appropriate.
  • Maintains written records and logs of shift activities.
  • Composes and releases messages concerning accidents, emergencies, hazardous materials, incidents, weather conditions and similar situations to field offices, news media and other law enforcement, civil defense and emergency services.
  • May serve as a member of screening boards in matters related to promotions, hiring, reinstatement and disciplinary actions.
  • Monitors security within the communications center or the facility.
  • Provides coordination between law enforcement agencies during official operations.


Level I :
Knowledge of Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations concerning radio communications; of OLETS, NLETS, and NCIC operating manuals; of state and federal laws concerning use of criminal records; of agency communications policies and procedures; of office practices and procedures; and of spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; to operate radio and telecommunications equipment; to maintain effective working relationships with others; to maintain operating efficiency under emergency and stressful conditions; to follow complex written instructions; and to type accurately from plain copy at the rate of twenty-five words per minute.


The Law Enforcement Communications Specialist job family has two levels which are distinguished based on the type and complexity of work, expertise required to perform assigned duties and the responsibility for the supervision of others.

Level I:    
This is the career level of this job family where incumbents are assigned responsibilities at the full performance level, performing highly responsible work in the operation of communication equipment in a law enforcement communication center.  Incumbents at this level may be assigned highly independent work as the only operator on an assigned shift.


Level I:     
Education and Experience required at this level consists of six months of experience as a communications dispatcher; an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting fifteen semester hours of college for the required experience.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.

Selection Plan

Scores based on:   100% Written Test 

*All applicants must also pass a typing test.

***NOTE:  Names of eligible applicants can be made available to State agencies upon their request, immediately following the closing date and time. Policies | About | Accessibility
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