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Sales Coordinator

Recruitment #180925-UNCE-287



Complete application at and email with resume and cover letter to with the position you’re applying for as the subject.


Coordinate, Train and Guide the work of Gaming Vendor’s Marketing Sales Representatives (MSRs)
• Participate in MSR interviews to fill vacancies
• Provide guidance in scheduling work assignments and setting priorities in accordance with OLC policies and procedures
• Evaluate MSR performance through the review of completed work assignments and through
observance of work techniques applied in the field
• Identify MSR development and training needs; provide training where appropriate; and
request additional training as needed
• Maintain records and provide written record for completion of training
• Plan periodic MSR meetings in conjunction with Sales Director requirements
• Conduct periodic MSR meetings as required
• Study lottery sales trends and application of sales programs to provide appropriate feedback to OLC management regarding the activities to be performed by MSR'S for optimum performance and sale of lottery products
• Develop tools and train MSR’s in utilization of the tools to increase sales of Instant / Scratcher Tickets, including the following:
• Proper product placement
• Creation of Point of Sale materials (POS) for the products
• Application of “Winner Awareness” tools for the products
• Develop tools and train MSR’s in utilization of the tools to increase sales of Online Tickets, including the following:
• Creation of Point of Sale materials (POS) for the products
• Proper usage of additional signage: tri-jackpot sign - sticky paper - Powerball,
MegaMillions and Hot Lotto jackpot signage
• Proper use of “Sell in” / designate Point of Purchase product placement area
• Electronic jackpot sign placement
• Review and approve per OLC policy all signage requests from assigned MSR’s
• Develop and maintain forms used to document and review sales transactions
• Review MSR sales call activities to ensure Lottery initiatives are carried out
• Review reports to ensure that the frequency of calls to retail locations is appropriate

Sales Activities
• Participate in, or conducts, as requested by OLC Sales Director, market research and
• Participate as requested in analysis of sales and marketing strategies
• Obtain current market information from chains and corporate locations in order to capture new growth and market trends as directed by OLC Sales Director
• Suggest strategies to improves sales
• Develop sales incentive programs to increase sales, within OLC policies, for use in field
• Create POS for MSR to use in field for sales incentive program to increase sales
• Develop, recommend then implement approved retailer promotional activities for MSR’s to use in field to increase sales
• Create POS for MSR to use in field for promotional activities to increase sales
• Participate in the development of promotional campaigns designed to improve lottery sales
• Work with Marketing staff on development of new game ideas at annual meeting

Recruit new retail locations / approve applications to sell lottery products
• Recruit new retail locations or assist in change of ownership process
• Train MSR’s in how to successfully complete OLC Site Surveys
• Make sure retail location gets application and monitor submission of it to OLC
• Monitor MSR's handling of applications and site surveys
• Review the accuracy of site surveys for equipment placement and product lines
• Approve site survey and send to OLC Retail Contract Unit (Applications)
• Sign off on site surveys received from Applications
• Place retailer on install list
• Participate in weekly installation conference call with Gaming Vendor and other OLC staff
• Notify MSR when ready to schedule training
• Training for retail locations to be scheduled by MSR and Sales Coordinator
• Review reports and follow up as appropriate with phone calls and visits to ensure recruitment of new accounts

Act as liaison between retailer and OLC management to maintain proper retailer relations
• Monitor and handle retailer problems in accordance with OLC policy
• Respond to retailer complaints and inquiries for assigned region(s) in a timely manner
• Respond to retailers regarding retailer adjustment requests that have been denied
• Ensure services provided to lottery retailers are accurate and consistent with stated lottery sales objectives

Review the routes used by MSR’s to ensure efficiency in travel and use of time
• Route MSR territories based on streets and trips software to route territories efficiently
• Re-assign retail locations based on territory load to maintain even workload
• Recommend the reassignment of territories based on staff openings

Participates in all group, staff, retailer and vendor meetings as requested
• Conduct oneself professionally in all meetings
• Participate by actively listening to others and speaking where appropriate
• Identify issues in meetings that need addressing
• Follow thru after meetings with appropriate actions
• Attend Retail Advisory Board (RAB) Meetings as requested by Sales Director
• Work with the OLC Key Accounts Manager prior to the meetings to develop appropriate
agenda items
• Follow thru with MSR and region retailers after the meeting and set goals based on
guidance provided by the Sales Director after discussions with the RAB
• Work with the Key Accounts Manager to meet on a quarterly basis to review sales results with applicable retail locations.


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