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Compliance Officer/Internal Auditor

Recruitment #181029-UNCD-119




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Duties and Responsibilities:  
Responsible for development of annual internal plan agreement with the State Treasurer.  Makes recommendations on standards of controls to be applied in developing systems and procedures.  Responsible for identifying areas of deficiency in statutory and regulatory compliance.  Critical State Treasurer activities include management of a $4 billion investment portfolio; administration of the Oklahoma Unclaimed Property program that processes annual receipts and related owner records of $25 million to $30 million; administration of the State’s banking activities.

• Utilizes risk assessment to direct audit resources to the evaluation of those activities that represent a greater risk to the achievement of OST’s objectives of ensuring that assets are safeguarded; reported data is reliable; operations are conducted in compliance with applicable policies, procedures, laws and regulations; and resources are utilized efficiently and effectively. 
• Evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of controls established by management in order to reasonably ensure that OST’s objectives are met.  Provides clear, concise, objective and constructive information based on the results of examinations and evaluations making recommendations to strengthen controls and/or enhance operational effectiveness.
• Coordinates internal and external audit efforts to ensure adequate audit coverage and to minimize duplicate audit efforts.
• Supervises audit assistants, personnel from other OST Divisions providing assistance to the internal audit function, and audit interns, personnel temporarily engaged by OST and assigned to the internal audit function.
• Develops and documents policies and procedures for the internal audit function.
• Reviews and evaluates completed and executed OST Employee Ethics Statements, Conflict of Interest Disclosures and Non-Collusion Affidavits, reporting the results of such review to the State Treasurer and OST management.  Performing additional procedures as necessary to assist management in reasonably ensuring that OST employees act independently and impartially, that OST policy and decisions are made through the established process of OST and state government, that OST employees are prevented from using a state office to obtain private benefit and avoid actions which create the appearance of using a state office to obtain a private or inappropriate benefit.
• In the area of auditing investment transactions, the Internal Auditor shall determine that the State Treasurer's investment policies and procedures adhere to state statutes, administrative rules of the agency, and other applicable policies of OST. 

In carrying out those duties, he or she shall have the following specific duties:
(1) Determine that the appropriate internal controls exist, including the     safeguarding of the paper and electronic documents;
(2) Determine that the trade file was prepared and reviewed by the appropriate personnel;
(3) Determine that all required documents are present; 
(4) Determine that the type of investment is allowed by statute;
(5) Determine that a system of competitive bidding was used when practicable, and that only approved financial institutions were solicited;
(6) Determine that the information on all documents agrees;
(7) Determine that the recorded telephone information agrees with the paper documents;
(8) Determine that the trade was settled in accordance with the transaction records;
(9) Conclude whether the trade was executed in accordance with the State Treasurer's investment policies and procedures and state statutes;
(10) Report to the State Treasurer any exceptions noted during the examination;
(11) Conduct appropriate follow-up procedures to assure that any exceptions noted have been resolved in a proper and timely manner. 

Minimum Requirements
Must be a Certified Public Accountant or a Certified Investment Auditor with at least three (3) years experience in professional auditing or accounting including one year in a supervisory capacity. Must possess strong analytical, communication, and project management skills.


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