Master Application

This is your Application-On-File

Recruitment #AF-0000-001


This is your Application-On-File. 

This is NOT an application for a particular job announcement. It will NOT allow for your name to be eligible for a particular recruitment listed on the Current Employment Opportunities page. 


You may use this application to keep on file with all of your education, employment history and other application information.  This application  may be used to copy from when applying for other job announcements in the future.  After copying this application to apply for a new recruitment, you may edit it  for the particular recruitment you are applying for.



Please verify you meet the  minimum education and experience requirements for each position you apply for.  Be sure to take special notice of any additional experience requirements including experience in a supervisory, managerial, or administrative capacity.


Selection Plan

Be sure to verify if the job announcement you are applying for requires completion of a written and/or performance test.  Many positions will require completion of a test BEFORE the closing date of the job for which you apply. No tests will be available after the closing date.Other jobs may only require completion of a supplemental questionnaire before the job closes.

Some positions not requiring a written/performance test or supplemental questionnaire may be scored using a rating guide that compares the education and experience listed on your application to that desired for employees in these jobs.  Please ensure that all relevant work history or education is listed on your application. 

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