Prodigy Cabinetry - Machine Operator

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Prodigy is a new cabinet manufacturer in Greenville utilizing online tools and state-of-art wood working equipment to provide seamless solutions to Cabinetry retailers. Cabinet retailers design kitchens and bathrooms for their customers utilizing our online tools. When finished, the retailer hits a “buy button” to place the order, which is sent directly to our servers allowing us to manufacture cabinets with a highly automated just-in-time manufacturing processes. Our integrated solution cuts delivery times by over 50%, while providing retailers prices that are competitive with imports.


Machine Operator


Job Duties

·        Responsible for operating and maintaining complicated machinery.

·        Work in dedicated capacity specializing in a single machine or class of machines

·        Job duties and conditions vary depending on industry and job function

·        Must pay close attention to detail in order to ensure quality parts are produced

·        Monitor and maintain machine to ensure proper functionality

·        Conduct quality checks periodically

·        Verify adequate materials and supplies are available to complete operations as needed

·        Analyze machine operations and output if applicable

·        Adjust machine as needed for changeovers, various functions or for other needs of production


·        High School Diploma, GED or equivalent

·        Knowledge of machine safe practice standards

·        Physical agility

·        Technical ability

·        Spatial understanding

·        Good coordination

·        Ability to read and interpret blueprints or production schematics is necessary

·        Prompt recognition when a machine and or tooling are not functioning properly

·        Experience working with said machinery as well as specialized training

·        Certification in operating said machinery is usually required


Equal Opportunity Employer