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Potential employment opportunities exist for: 

Production Inventory Control Analyst 

POSITION SUMMARY: The Production Inventory Control Analyst is responsible for the daily input and monitoring of production materials inventory in accordance with the Company’s MRP/ERP management system and applicable Thorne Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The position is essential in implementing, and monitoring procedures to ensure that the proper inventory is in the correct locations at the correct quantity. The position will assist management in the development and implementation and/or administration of a formal program to audit all areas related to inventory movement for integrity and accuracy. This individual will be responsible for monitoring all material issuance, usage, and returns. Post inventory transactions into Company’s ERP/management systems daily. Will assist branch warehouses with their inventory control procedure.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Satisfactorily performing and/or achieving the following Responsibilities are essential duties of the job. 

  • Ensures all issued materials to production is accurate according to the pick sheet/MMR. 
  • Coordinate with Material Handler on all materials issued and returned to inventory. 
  • Monitoring the usage and posting all material consumption into Company’s ERP System. 
  • Posts and tracks direct labor hours. At work as scheduled, starts work at the beginning of a shift, is on time to meetings, completes assigned tasks in a timely manner, and works overtime as required. 
  • Performs thorough research and document inventory discrepancies using all available resources to identify root causes and supply possible solutions. 
  • Works with key personnel to effectively implement process improvements to operational procedures in an effort to proactively optimize overall location and item level accuracy and maintain the highest possible productivity levels. 
  • Coordinates the efforts of the cycle counts in an effort to identify and correct discrepancies on items at the location level as needed. 
  • Assists monitoring warehouse and transfers for accuracy and cost effectiveness as directed by Purchasing, Production and Materials Management. 
  • Ensures that the unit of measure “in” is the same as the unit of measure “out”. 
  • Helps implementation of inventory control measurements. 
  • Seeks formal and informal performance assessments of self, including performance versus expectations and goals, behaviors, and leadership potential. 
  • Actively participates in required training and development programs and electives as suits one’s needs, and support colleagues, trainers, and management as appropriate with these efforts. 
  • Promotes the Company’s Mission and Values, including an accountable, innovative, and results-oriented culture that promotes customer service, openness, teamwork, mutual trust, and respect. 

EXPERIENCE / COMPETENCIES / PROFICIENCIES – Satisfactorily achieving and/or meeting the following Experience, Competencies, and Proficiencies are essential duties of the job: 

Experience and/or Education: High school diploma or GED, and one year related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience required. 

Language Ability: Employee is able to read and understand at a proficient level. The employee follows instructions, both verbal and written, and communicates effectively with supervisors and fellow employees. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence. 

Computer and Technical Skills: Employee has competent computer and software skills required to accomplish the responsibilities of the position including Microsoft Excel and Word and inventory data base software. 

  • Must have sufficient data entry skills and be detailed oriented to expeditiously process inventory documentation. 
  • Employee has a high aptitude and tolerance for detail and can focus on accuracy. 
  • Develops and delivers on assigned objectives within requested timeframes. 
  • Possesses good interpersonal skills. 
  • Engages others in a positive manner. 
  • Possesses strong attention to detail. 
  • Possesses strong verbal and communication skills. 
  • Raises issues and concerns promptly. 
  • Documents and presents work in a clear and concise manner. 
  • Possesses knowledge of the computers and software required to accomplish the Responsibilities of the job. 

Production Inventory Control Analyst Levels- All employees new to the Production Inventory Control Analyst position will be classified as Production Inventory Control Analyst Entry Level. Employees must be able to complete all job duties assigned to Production Inventory Control Analyst 1 to become a certified Production Inventory Control Analyst 1. Once the employee is certified as a Production Inventory Control Analyst 1 the employee must be able to complete all job duties assigned to Production Inventory Control Analyst 2 to become a certified Production Inventory Control Analyst 2. Once the employee is certified as a Production Inventory Control Analyst 2 the employee must be able to complete all job duties assigned to Production Inventory Control Analyst 3 to become a certified Production Inventory Control Analyst 3.

Production Inventory Control Analyst 1: 

  • Knows Batch Record format and flow. 
  • Knows inventory steps of Batch Record posting. 
  • Complete inventory shortage/overage investigation. 
  • Complete training in Microsoft Office. 
  • Bin locate raw materials, packaging components, and labels in ERP system. 
  • Complete negative and positive adjustments for raw materials, packaging and labels inventory in ERP system.
  • Complete inventory transactions in ERP system (restock staging bin with materials needed for production). 
  • Post inventory consumption for all types of Production work orders in ERP system. 
  • Post labor hours for all types of Production work orders in ERP system (post output). 

Production Inventory Control Analyst 2: 

  • Review completed work orders in ERP systems for errors/discrepancies – Identify missed consumption/output postings, and/or overconsumption/output postings. 
  • Successfully demonstrate the ability to reverse consumption/output entries. 
  • Analyze the accuracy of consumption/output on a work order and demonstrate the ability to close a 
  • Learn the handling and storage process of Allergens and Special Handling materials (GHS warning 
  • Physically Complete the Material Destruction (MDA) process for all nonconforming materials and finished goods. 
  • Complete the Material Destruction (MDA) process in ERP system (Create and post transfer orders in ERP system for finished goods and raw materials that will be moved into disposal warehouse).
  • Physically receive in all types of inbound freight (trailer inspection, freight inspection, verify counts, freight documentation). 
  • Complete training on how to communicate potential hazards associated with raw materials to QCI (GHS pictograms and Safety Data Sheets). 
  • Complete training on how to coordinate the sampling process with QCI (pulling specific containers throughout shipment for sampling). 

Production Inventory Control Analyst 3: 

  • Training on interaction with Lab personnel (coordinate the need for expedited samples, help with retention samples, etc.)
  • Complete the receiving process for all OCM products (Post consumption journals, generate transfer order to move OCM inventory between locations, assembling a receiving packet). 
  • Complete receiving process for MRO items (Physically receive and sign for MRO receipts, complete in ERP system, assemble a receiving packet, distribute MRO to appropriate departments and verify correct paperwork). 
  • Complete receiving process for inventoried labels (complete in ERP system, assembling a receiving packet, generate Thorne item labels for inventoried labels). 
  • Complete receiving process for all raw materials and packing components (complete in ERP system, generate Thorne item labels, assembling a receiving packet). 
  • Complete and post Inventory transactions for RPO kitting process. 
  • Demonstrate competency and training of overall ERP system usage (conduct/complete full investigation for inventory and or work order related issues). 

PHYSICAL DEMANDS – Being able to meet the Physical Demands of the job is an essential duty of the job. • Employees at Thorne Research perform the Responsibilities of their jobs in various manufacturing, warehousing, and administrative areas. The various departments at Thorne Research include Production, Operations, Quality, Accounting/Finance, Medical Affairs, Administration, Information Technology, Maintenance, Engineering, Customer Service, and Sales. 

  • Must be able to work an entire 8-, 10-, or 12- hour shift, and overtime as assigned, when necessary, in a warehouse environment.  
  • Must be able to see and read small print. 
  • Must be able to hear and converse with supervisors and other employees. 
  • Must be able to operate, activate, use, prepare, and clean equipment, occasionally grasping with force and using twisting wrist movements. 
  • Must be able to stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl as circumstances arise during the course of a shift. 
  • Must be able to safely and carefully operate and use assigned equipment and machinery. 
  • Must be able to work in a stationary position as well as move about unassisted. 
  • Must be able to work in a moderate noise level environment. 
  • Must be able to move or lift items weighing up to 55 pounds from floor to table and from table to floor, often repetitively, during an 8-, 10- or 12-hour shift. 
  • Must have sufficient range of motion with arms and hands to reach overhead and to the side, often repetitively, during an assigned shift. 
  • Must be able to ascend/descend a ladder while carrying up to 20 pounds of materials. 
  • Employee are expected to meet the Physical Demands of their job, which is an essential duty of this job. If requested and deemed appropriate, Thorne Research will provide a reasonable accommodation to a disabled employee to meet the Physical Demands of the job. 

An Equal Opportunity Employer

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