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Palmetto Gourmet Foods offers our associates the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, to contribute to the success of a dynamic organization, and to serve others in a manner that exceeds their expectations. At our world class production facility in Saluda, we produce vegetarian, halal and kosher certified ramen noodles. We’re looking for talented, hard-working individuals to join our team. Come grow with us and let us show you why Palmetto Gourmet Foods is a great place to work.

Potential Employment Opportunities Exist for:

Roller Machine Operator
Third Shift
Starting Salary:  $15.00/hour

Our fast growing, production company is seeking a Roller Machine Operator.  This position will provide the successful candidate the opportunity to apply their knowledge, learn new skills and work as a member of a dynamic team, in a clean and safe environment.  The ideal candidate for this role will have 1+ years’ experience in the manufacturing sector, pay strong attention to detail and be committed to workplace safety. Additionally, the candidate for this position will be motivated to grow with Palmetto Gourmet Foods, building a career for years to come.  Flexibility with scheduled workdays and shift preferences is required.

Skills and Qualifications Include:

  • Experience as a machine operator (in a manufacturing environment is a plus)
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent 
  • WIN or Work Keys Scores, preferred: 3-Locating Information, 3-Math, 3-Reading
  • Great math skills – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Familiarized with lock out tag out procedures
  • Ability to analyze information to solve issues
  • Experience in food production (preferred not required)
  • Ability to work well in a team environment
  • Knowledge of production procedures
  • Attention to detail
  • Physical stamina and strength
    • Ability to lift 50lbs
    • Stand and walk the majority of the shift, bending and/or stooping may be required at times   
  • Handle heavy equipment
  • Ability to work independently of supervision
  • Ability to multitask and effectively monitor a number of critical information sources
Job Responsibilities include:

  • Operate, clean, changeover and adjust machinery in an optimal manner to achieve company goals including
    • Safe production of quality food products to maximize output while maintaining the machinery in like new condition of which we can all be proud, and while minimizing the generation of scrap and waste.
    • Participate in maintenance activities as training levels and opportunities permit
  • Perform necessary pre-operation activities to ensure proper equipment start-up and operation on multiple pieces of equipment
    • Remove any dough residue from dough pan
    • Lubricate rollers and slitters with cooking oil
    • Inspect rollers, slitter and dough feeder before start up 
  • Operate/work with automated equipment/machinery to complete assigned tasks
    • Dough feeder 
    • Dough sheeter 
    • Compound rollers 
    • Extension Conveyer 
    • Waving box
  • Operate/monitor multiple pieces of equipment and or materials during operation to ensure quality production and minimal unplanned stops
    • Manipulate, align and fold dough for first set of rollers 
    • Ensure proper speed of compound rollers 
    • Thread dough through all rollers
    • Remove any dough that is not fit to be used from first two feet of (must use good judgment)
    • Check thickness and weight of noodles 
  • Must follow all safety procedures 
    • Lock Out Tag Out
    • Do not bypass any guards on machines
    • Keep fingers from nip and pinch points 
    • Other safety measures mentioned in the Critical Safety Policy (issued during orientation) 
  • Work with team to complete certain tasks
    • Work in sync with the mixing operator and production team to ensure best product is produced with little waste
  • Communicate with team members and support teams to ensure continuous production of the correct product at high quality levels with minimal wasted time and materials
  • Clean area and machinery by
    • Blowing air into dough pan to remove dough residue
    • Using tools to remove dough from edges of each set of slitters
    • Cleaning area as any build up mess occurs 
An Equal Opportunity Employer

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