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RL Solutions is looking to hire team members in its Greenville office.

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Operations/Logistics Specialist


Job duties include:
  • Correctly and timely enter all information into McLeod.
    • Order Entry
    • Location Entry
    • Subject Orders
  • Order entry
  • Build loads as soon as you get the tender
  • Enter correct times for both shipper and receiver
    • If they are not clear confirm with account manager that sent the
    • load to you
  • Put in starting rate on all loads
    • This will be provided by account manager along with the tender
  • Location Entry
    • When building a load, confirm all information is correct in the location
    • entry
      • Hours
      • Address
      • Contacts
  • Subject Orders
    • These are to be done only after all currently committed loads are built
    • Build with all detail provided
  • KPIs
    • Order entry accuracy
    • Time from tender being sent to entry
    • Missed starting rates

General requirements include:

High school diploma; partial college or tech school certificate preferred
Competent in basic computer skills 



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