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Custom Steel Supply is the premier destination for top-quality custom steel parts. We are committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship, innovative solutions, and unmatched customer satisfaction. Join our team of skilled professionals dedicated to meeting and exceeding unique custom part requirements.

Potential employment opportunities exist for our new facility in Laurens:

Sorter / General Labor

Job Purpose and Summary: Responsibilities include but not limited to use of manual and automatic tools, measuring critical dimensions, working in a fast-paced manufacturing environment, cutting, grinding, sorting, packaging, labeling and other duties as required.

Specific Functions of the Job:
  • Use manual and automatic tools if needed 
  • Grind part if it is not up to quality requirements 
  • Ensure all products adhere to the production specifications of the customer 
  • Read and interpret process sheets 
  • Inspect all work, prior to sending it down the line 
  • Read a tape measure to take critical measurements 
  • Maintain safe work practices 
  • Assist in training & mentoring newer employees 
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment i.e. work station, lunchroom etc. 
  • Present a professional image of Custom Steel Supply, and a personal commitment to the safety and well-being of all employees. 
  • Participate in continuous improvements, 5S and 8 Waste initiatives, including and not limited to processes, production flow etc. 
  • Report and hazardous to the Plant Manager or Supervisor immediately so corrective action can be taken 
  • Support the Health & Safety Program 
  • Practice safe and proper use of machinery and tools 
  • Perform all other duties as required 
  • You must adhere to Custom Steel Supply Culture and Guiding Values as stated in orientation. 
General Attribute/Competencies:
  • Ownership – Take pride in the work that is accomplished, and understand the function or process flow for the larger picture. 
  • Organization – Able to maintain process to ensure all relevant information or tools are accessible. 
  • Attention to Detail – Attend to details and pursue quality in the accomplishment of tasks, regardless of the volume of duties encountered. 
  • Adaptability – Adapt and respond to changing conditions, priorities, technology and requirements. 
  • Results Orientation – Able to focus on desired outcomes, and the means by which they are achieved by meeting and or exceeding standards based on past performance, goals and objectives, and as the performance and/or achievements of others. 
  • Teamwork – Works cooperatively and effectively with others to reach a common goal. 
  • Cultural Sensitivity – Promote an inclusive environment by understanding all cultural groups. 
  • Commitment to Health & Safety – Work in compliance with all acceptable health and safety legislation and established policies and procedures. 
Minimum Experience, Abilities Required:
  • Ability to read a tape measure 
  • Understand basic tool functions 
  • Hand eye coordination 
  • Good attention to detail 
  • Physically capable of lifting in excess of 40lbs 
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time 
  • Must have steel toe boots 
  • Must have reliable transportation 
  • Must be able to work any 3 shifts and overtime when needed 


An Equal Opportunity Employer

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