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The fundamental idea behind Sage has never changed: We design and manufacture innovative interiors that complete the automotive experience. Sage Automotive Interiors is a company of lifelong learners motivated by meaningful work. At a global company focusing for sustainability, there is always work to do, space to learn and opportunity to mobilize your career in any direction.

Potential employment opportunities exist for our Sharon facility in Abbeville:

Sr. Lab Technician

Starting Wage Range: $18.80 - $21.13

Job Summary: Responsible for checking new warp headends of outgoing shifts, check all new warps and style change headends, check all doff headends, clean up lab area at shift end, answer phone on off shifts, monitor gate entry on off shifts, perform selvage bead thickness procedure. 12 hour shifts.   

Machines, tool, and equipment used:
Scissors, pick glass, measuring cup. Micrometer, scale, markers, pencils, ruler  

Materials Used:
Paper products, tickets, cardboard, cloth and tape 

Job Requirements:
Ability to read & write, Comprehend written & verbal instructions, Good organizational skills, Ability to perform various computer operations, Ability to prioritize tasks, Ability to work in a team environment, basic math skills, Good visual perception, Good interpersonal relationship skills.
Education Requirements:
Basic written/oral communication & math skills
Other Requirements:
Must submit to & pass a drug screen. Must comply with all company rules, including but not limited to: safety, attendance & other job specifications

Physical Requirements:
Standing – Normally required daily to perform tests, monitor & inspect products & equipment, retrieving files & information Meeting with associates & visitors, making presentations & updating charts & graphs.  Accounts for approx. 40% of the skill requirement.
Sitting – Performed daily to attend meetings, perform various tests, operating office equipment, to review samples.  Accounts for approx. 20% of the skill requirement.
Moving – Normally in the form of walking to audit & inspect products & equipment, walking to meetings, meeting with associates & visitors, moving to operate testing equipment & to retrieve files & information from cabinets.  Accounts for approx. 20% of the skill requirement.
Climbing – Must be able to step up on weave machine catwalks (6").  Performed 10-20 times daily.  Accounts for approx. 10% of the skill requirement.
Lifting – Up to 25 lbs. To move remnants, small rolls of cloth and to lift startup tubes for the inspection frames. Perform 30-50 times daily and accounts for approx. 5% of the skill requirement
Pushing/Pulling – Normally to operate hoist, move cloth on frames, start new rolls of cloth, to move cloth on conveyors and perform housekeeping.  Performed 100-150 times daily and accounts approx. 15% of the skill requirement. 
Reaching – Horizontal extension of up to 24" to retrieve headends, operate office equipment, retrieve mail & reports, to retrieve supplies, to perform tests & updating charts/graphs.  Performed numerous times daily & accounts for approx. 10% of the skill requirement.
Visual Acuity –Must have very good visual capability to detect defects in the headends.
Bending/Stooping –Normally to retrieve mail, reports & supplies, to open & close file drawers, to lift cloth & chemicals, & to inspect quality & equipment problems.  Performed 30-50 times daily & accounts for approx. 10% of the skill requirement.
Other – Must be able to hear for person to person communication & emergency alarms
Safety Equipment Required – Ear plugs, apron, rubber gloves, safety goggles

This reflects the general details considered necessary to describe the essential function of the job identified and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all of the work requirements that may be inherent in the job.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

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