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Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation



About Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation and the Nephron 503B Registered Outsourcing Division is a privately owned global leader in the manufacturing of generic drug products, over-the-counter (OTC) medications and medical devices. The Company is headquartered in West Columbia, SC. All Nephron products are proudly made in the USA! Nephron specializes in blow-fill-seal (BFS) manufacturing, a technology that allows a vial of medication to be formed, filled and sealed in a continuous process without human intervention in a sterile, enclosed area.


As an industry leader in product safety and quality, Nephron continuously pursues product enhancements, such as easy to identify vial shapes, embossed lettering and color-coded packaging. In 2001, prior to FDA’s 2004 mandate, we led the market in the development and release of individually wrapped and bar-coded medication. Individually wrapped and bar-coded vials are a major patient safety feature and are now standard treatments in the bedside safety practices of US hospitals. The Company also supplies products that are in critical shortage to hospitals across the United States.


Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation has longstanding relationships with major drug wholesalers to distribute its products among retail pharmacies, mail order pharmacies, hospitals, home care companies, and long term care facilities. Nephron has a dedicated sales force that covers all fifty states and Puerto Rico, and has additional sales channels throughout South America, the Middle East, and Europe. Nephron exists to provide top-quality, affordable medications to everyone.



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