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Steel Creek Galvanizing, LLC is launching a new facility in Cherokee County.  Designed to protect steel against rust and other corrosion, the hot-dip galvanizing operation will be an environmentally-friendly, zero-emission operation.  We are seeking qualified candidates for the start-up of our new facility in Blacksburg.


Potential employment opportunities exist for:

Kettle Lead


Job Duties:



The Kettle Lead will have control over the actual galvanizing process including inspection of material to be galvanized, operation of overhead cranes and monorails, supervision of several employees, keeping inventory on consumables, and monitoring proper kettle settings, etc.


  • Inspect all lifting equipment prior to use (forklifts, cranes, monorails, chains, slings, etc.).
  • Inspect all material before galvanizing to ensure material meets all Steel Creek Galvanizing Safety guidelines and procedures.
  • Add zinc and other alloys to the kettle as necessary in order to maintain proper levels and proper quality of product.
  • Sweep ash from the kettle on a continual basis and store ash in barrels.
  • Dross kettle (remove sludge) on a predetermined schedule according to Steel Creek guidelines.
  • Inform QA/QC Technician of any quality concerns and inform Maintenance Lead on any and all equipment failures and concerns.
  • Direct and train employees on all safety rules and regulations including proper operation of all lifting equipment and rigging, kettle operation, and the galvanizing process.
  • Ensure all galvanized products meet Steel Creek quality requirements, minimize downtime, and promote efficiency and up-time.
  • Conduct employee evaluations as directed.
  • Communicate all safety concerns or accidents to the Plant Supervisor immediately.
  • Produce a quality galvanized product every time by following all guidelines.
  • Safely performs every step of the galvanizing process.
  • Minimizes downtime and delays with efficient processing and employee direction.
  • Maintains safe and efficient kettle temperatures and kettle zinc level.
  • Maintains proper housekeeping, kettle maintenance, supplies and consumables. 
  • Ensure all inspections and finishing of product is completed as directed.





 Experience Required:


  • High School Diploma or GED Equivalent preferred.
  • Prior lead experience needed; prior Galvanizing experience is desired but not a requirement.
  • Must be able to work in an open environment exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Must be able to obtain STS Forklift/Crane Certification.
  • Must be physically able to climb stairs and ladders and lift 75 lbs.
  •  Must be capable of boarding and un-boarding trucks for inspection and/or rigging.
  • Works independently, copes with ambiguity, demonstrates initiative, self-motivated, and high energy level when addressing work tasks.
  • Effective in oral and written communications at all levels and cross functionally.
  • Able to express complex technical concepts to diverse groups of people.
  • Well organized in both work habits and communications.
  • Uses good time management skills.
  • Works effectively in a multi-task environment.
  • Executes tasks to completion within deadlines.
  • Consistently tracks progress of on-going initiatives.
  • Identifies issues and opportunities, prioritizes and successfully implements them.
  • Uses a variety of cognitive skills and processes to arrive at sound decisions and solutions. 
  • Assimilates diverse information and proactively presents solutions through detailed analysis.
  • Balances logic and intuition to arrive at well-founded decisions tempered by practicality and common sense.
  • Can build productive, trusting, respectful relationships at all levels in the organization.
  • Can be a team player and understand and value another person’s perspective.
  • Continually strives to learn more to improve self. 
  • Sets high standards for both work and interpersonal work relationships.
  • Actively seeks and supports continuous improvement activities in process efficiencies, costs and effectiveness of work.
  • Good listener who takes care to understand the words of others, asking questions and actively acknowledges key points.
  • Manages and arbitrates internal conflict. 
  • Effectively mediates and negotiates with stakeholders, vendors and service providers.
  • Proven effective management and leadership skills and style.
  • Ability to lead well and work well in a multi-cultural environment.




Starting wage $12 to $16 per hour depending on experience.

Steel Creek Galvanizing, LLC offers standard benefits package including paid time off.




An Equal Opportunity Employer