City and County of San Francisco

Apprentice Cement Mason I (#7398)

$26.16-$30.19 Hourly / $4,535.00-$5,233.00 Monthly / $54,418.00-$62,790.00 Yearly


Classes 7398 Apprentice Cement Mason I and 7399 Apprentice Cement Mason II are the entry level training classes. These classes exist to develop the competencies required of a journey level Cement Mason, while working under close guidance and direct supervision. Apprentice Cement Masons perform routine tasks in support of journey level Cement Masons.

Assigned duties increase in scope and difficulty as the Apprentice Cement Masons demonstrate skills in performing diverse duties that are learned through an on-the-job training rotation and Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee School through the recognized employee organization. Work is performed under direct supervision and is evaluated on the basis of progress in a structured work experience training program.

Demonstrated competence and successful completion of the structured training program leads to meeting the minimum qualifications for the promotional class of Cement Mason. Apprentices are initially hired in classification 7398 Apprentice Cement Mason I. Upon completion of two years of service in this classification, apprentices are to be appointed to class 7399 Apprentice Cement Mason II. Failure to achieve demonstrated competence and acceptable work habits or the inability to complete the training program within four (4) years results in automatic loss of employment in the 7398 and/or 7399 classes. The appointing officer or designee may provide an extension of time to complete the training program; however, the extension must be in writing.

Under direct supervision, Apprentice Cement Masons will learn to perform various types of cement work. Responsibilities include safety training, framing, preparing and securing job sites, estimating, removing debris; mixing, pouring and finishing concrete, demolishing concrete structures; operating and maintaining hand and power tools, performing routine maintenance of tools and equipment. Performs related duties as required.

Distinguishing Features

Classes 7398 Apprentice Cement Mason I and 7399 Apprentice Cement Mason II are the entry-level trainee classifications which work as part of a crew under the supervision of a Cement Mason.  Incumbents receive on-the-job training in cement masonry while enrolled in a Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee School through their recognized employee organization. 

These classes are distinguished from class 7311 Cement Mason by the structured training program requirements, the close supervision received, and the developmental nature of the class, whereas the 7311 Cement Mason is skilled to independently perform the full range of cement masonry.  Apprentice Cement Masons perform routine tasks in a learning capacity in support of journey level Cement Masons.  Responsibilities increase in scope and difficulty with demonstration of competence and skills in performing the diverse duties.  Work is performed under close guidance and direct supervision and is evaluated on the basis of progress in a structured work experience training program.

Incumbents in this class are Exempt City employees, serving at the pleasure of the appointing authority, and participate in a formal alternative work program which provides experience and training needed to qualify to compete for positions in class 7311 Cement Mason.

Examples of Important and Essential Duties

According to Civil Service Commission Rule 109, the duties specified below are representative of the range of duties assigned to this job code/class and are not intended to be an inclusive list.

1.  Participates in a Joint Apprentice Training Committee Apprenticeship School through the recognized employee organization.

2.  Communicates and learns to work with supervisors, journey level cement masons and other co-workers.  Learns to follow orders and directions.

3.  Prepares job sites by setting up safety tripods and scaffolding; may secure confined space job sites.

4.  Performs mixing and applying toppings, colors, grout, epoxy overlays, or waterproofing compounds in accordance with job specifications.

5.  Performs framing work, including placing and finishing curbs sidewalks, gutters, disability access ramps and various other concrete structures.

6.  Participates in demolition of flat work and concrete structures with the proper use of pneumatic tools, such as chipping gun, jackhammer, concrete saw, and other power equipment.

7.  Pour and finishes concrete sidewalks, curbs, gutters, streets, disability access ramps, and steps using screeds, trowels and floats.

8.  Identifies and uses various hand and pneumatic tools and power equipment; cleans and otherwise maintains tools and equipment; and perform general maintenance.

9.  Learns to order materials and estimate concrete; assists in laying out work for new construction or repair by measuring and calculating the correct type, materials and supplies necessary to complete the job.

10. Loads and unloads materials, supplies, and equipment on and off trucks.

11. Learns safety procedures and use of safety equipment, preparing jobsite, proper concrete and debris disposal, tapering traffic, and pedestrian detouring.

12. Basic learning of the scope of concrete work performed by the Department of Public Works Cement Shop.

13. Performs related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of: Basic arithmetic, including measuring, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, calculate ratios, percentages and dimensions without the aid of a calculator.

Ability and Skill to: Learn of the scope of concrete work performed by the Department of Public Works Cement Shop; learn general cement mason skills, tools and equipment; learn methods and procedures used to pour and finish concrete; learn safety procedures; follow oral and written instructions; cooperate with others in the performance of duties; write and speak in a manner that is easily understood; read and write English; maintain effective working relationships.

Physical Ability to: Climb ladders; crawl on hands and knees; lift objects that weigh up to ninety (90) pounds and carry them for distances up to fifty (50) feet; lift, drag and/or move with assistance large and/or heavy equipment to truck bed level; bend the knees, waist and back; stoop or squat; ability to kneel, bend and squat for considerable periods of time; remain in uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time.

Minimum Qualifications

 These minimum qualifications establish the education, training, experience, special skills and/or license(s) which are required for employment in the classification.  Please note, additional qualifications (i.e., special conditions) may apply to a particular position and will be stated on the exam/job announcement.

Applicant must be on a current Northern California Cement Masons Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee Apprentice applicant list; or
Applicant must be a currently indentured Apprentice Cement Mason who is within the first period of the Cement Masons apprenticeship program.


License and Certification:
Possession of a valid Class C California driver’s license.





Appointees to this class must be members of the Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ Local #300 Union.

The nature of the work may require exposure to inclement weather conditions and may require exposure to hazardous materials and/or conditions.


To: 7399 Apprentice Cement Mason II

CLASS: 7398; EST: 9/26/2012; REV: 9/25/2017;