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Supplemental Questionnaire

Last Name
First Name

Are you a U.S. Citizen?

Yes No

Are you at least 21 years of age?

Yes No
Do you possess a valid Driver License?
Yes No
Do you have a U.S. High School Diploma or have passed a G.E.D. or the California High School Proficiency Examination or have an AA or higher degree from an accredited college or university?
Yes No

Do you possess the required P.O.S.T. training certificate certified by a P.O.S.T. accredited institution (either Basic Police Academy completed within the last three years, Reserve Officer Level I, Level II or Level III)?

Yes No
Have you been convicted of an offense involving domestic violence?
Yes No
Have you been convicted of any misdemeanor, which included a penalty of prohibiting ownership, possession or control of a firearm?
Yes No
Have you been convicted of a felony crime?
Yes No

Have you been disqualified within the last two years by the SFPD Background Unit for a reason that disqualifies you from applying for a Reserve Police Officer job with the City and County of San Francisco?

Yes No


By checking this box, I certify that the answers to this Supplemental and application for the Q000 Reserve Police Officer (TEX-Q000-900260),  are true, complete, and correct.  All of the responses to the questions were authored, written, and prepared in their entirety soley by me to the best of my knowledge and belief and are made in good faith.  I understand that false, misleading, or incomplete information shall be sufficient cause for disqualification or dismissal and other penalties, as may be prescribed by law.