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Supplemental Questionnaire

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Specify the types of computer software you have used as it pertains to clerking, processing legislation, and/or performing general administrative functions (i.e. preparing legislation, reports, and documents).


Describe your knowledge, skills and abilities, as it pertains to municipal clerking, and your experience in working with elected officials, members of policy bodies, and the public at large.


Describe your experience with preparing public meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and working within tight deadlines.  In your response, please also walk us through the steps you would go about preparing an agenda and meeting minutes for a Board, Commission, or policy making body.


Your Supervisor just provided you with a piece of legislation to process, prepare, and/or amend.  Please tell us the approach you would take in order to thoroughly review and edit the document.


Describe a scenario from your clerking experience where you have had to advise or interrupt a Chair of a Board or Committee, decision making official or equivalent, regarding the Brown Act or parliamentary procedure during a meeting.  Please tell us how you approached the subject and its resolution. 


Please provide noteworthy examples of your experience or interactions in dealing with compliance enforcement, and creating a schedule of deadlines to adhere to of local, state, and federal requirements as it relates to clerking.


A fellow Assistant Clerk is in the hospital and is unable to talk on the phone.  Your committee meeting has been cancelled. All Committee agendas are due in 24 hours, and your colleagues agenda is not yet complete.  All other clerks are working on their agendas for next week’s meeting.  The Deputy Clerk asks you for your help with the agenda since your meeting has been cancelled.  How do you handle the situation?  Please also explain your thought process and be thorough in your response.


Please tell us a time when you had to handle a difficult amendment to a piece of legislation or public policy document prepared by another person or Agency.   Be sure to explain your experience and any enforcement of the established procedures, policies, or other rules as applicable.