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Supplemental Questionnaire Instructions: The purpose of this Supplemental Questionnaire is to determine your knowledge, skills, and abilities in job-related areas that were identified as critical for satisfactory performance for this position. This supplemental application must be submitted with your application at the time of filing. The information provided should be consistent with the information in your application and is subject to verification. Keep a copy of your application materials for your own records. There are four (4) questions. Please answer them to the best of your ability. Please be concise in your responses.


1. Describe your experience in:

A. Assessment and evaluation.  Include in your description the:

  • types of programs you assessed,
  • program elements that you assessed, and
  • your method of assessment (e.g. interviews, observation, surveys, etc.).

B. Providing, managing, and / or evaluating coaching and / or technical assistance to children and youth programs, including the:

  • format in which the coaching and / or Technical Assistance was provided (e.g. on-site at program, group trainings, peer-to-peer, etc.),
  • how results were measured or tracked, and
  • how you used those results to alter the coaching / technical assistance or your management of those services to increase impact.

2.   A. Describe a specific project you played a primary role in managing that was particularly challenging in terms of complexity, scale, or associated issues. 

     B.  In your answer describe the details of the project, how you planned for implementation, any information or data you collected during implementation and how you used this information to refine for future iterations.


3.  Describe an experience when you had to work with a difficult team or organization.

A. What were the issues that challenged the relationship?

B. How did you manage the conflict?

C. Is there anything you wish you had done differently, in hindsight?

D. What was the ultimate outcome?


4. A.   Describe your experience providing, managing or evaluating technical assistance to nonprofit organizations focused on improving fiscal or administrative capacity.

   B.  In your answer describe the type of technical assistance that was provided, the type of organizations receiving the technical assistance and the methods used to determine if the efforts were effective.


Certification - I hereby certify that my responses to this Supplemental Questionnaire are true and accurately reflect my background, skills, and work experiences.  I understand that any false, incorrect, or deceptive responses provided in this questionnaire may result in my disqualification of this examination, and possibly other job opportunities with the City and County of San Francisco.   I understand and agree that all the information that I provide is subject to verification.

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