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Supplemental Questionnaire

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Supplemental Questionnaire

The purpose of this supplemental questionnaire is to determine your knowledge, skills and abilities in job-related areas that are critical for satisfactory performance in this position. All relevant experience must be included in this supplemental questionnaire regardless if it may seem redundant. "See application or resume" is not an acceptable response. All supplemental responses should be consistent with the information provided on your application, employment record, resume and is subject to verification.


Describe your knowledge of construction methods and practices, including the identification of specific trades.


Describe how to identify the correct prevailing wage rate and craft classification for work on City funded projects.


I hereby certify that I am the sole author of this supplemental questionnaire and that all information provided is true and is based on my background and experience. Any information provided on my application and supplemental questionnaire is subject to verification. Furthermore, I understand that any false, incomplete, or incorrect information, regardless of when it is discovered, may result in my disqualification and/or dismissal from employment with the City & County of San Francisco.

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