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Supplemental Questionnaire

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Manager III - Risk Managment & Business Analyst


The purpose of this Supplemental Questionnaire (SQ) is to describe your training and experience as they relate to the knowledge, skills, and abilities linked to the essential functions of this 0931 position (please refer to the job announcement for a more detailed description of these knowledge, skills and abilities).

Questions A through E will be used to determine possession of minimum qualifications. Questions 1 through 6 will be evaluated and scored. Only the information you provide in your answers to these questions will be evaluated to determine your score in the selection process for this position. No attachments or additional documents such as resumes, cover letters, publications or employment applications will be considered (i.e. Writing 'see resume' or 'N/A' is not a sufficient response for questions 1 through 6).

The SQ will be presented to an expert review panel for an assessment and will be used as part of the examination process to determine candidates' score and rank on the eligible list. This Supplemental Questionnaire will account for 100% of the total weight of the candidates' final score. Insufficient or non-responsive answers and/or answers that are plagiarized or have falsified information may result in disqualification from the recruitment process.

The responses that you provide to this questionnaire should be consistent with the information on your application, and are subject to verification.

If there is a question regarding experience that you do not have, try to include examples of similar experience that would demonstrate your ability or potential to perform the specific function.

It is suggested that you review the questions before starting, prepare your thorough narrative-style responses in a word processing document, and then paste them into the questionnaire. Responses should be sufficiently detailed to assist in evaluating your qualifications for this position. Please limit responses to one page unless otherwise instructed. Again, please be complete and specific in answering the questions as your score will be based on this information.

We have provided the following link for tips on how to best prepare a SQ response. It is recommended that you copy and paste this link into a new browser to avoid losing your responses to your Supplemental Questionnaire:


Please indicate the highest level college/university coursework that you have completed.

I have not completed any units at an accredited university or college
I have completed less than two years from an accredited university or college.
I have completed an associate degree from an accredited university or college.
I have completed a baccalaureate from an accredited four-year university or college.
I have completed a masters or higher degree from an accredited four-year university or college.

If you possess a baccalaureate or higher degree, please indicate the major, and the University where you gained your degree.


Please select the statement that best describes your professional experience in financial analysis?

I have no experience
I have between zero to two years experience
I have between two years to four years of experience
I have between four to six years of experience
I have between six to eight years of experience
I have more than eight years of experience

How many years of supervisory experience do you have in financial analysis?

No supervisory experience
Less than one year
One to two years
Two to three years
Three to four years
More than four years

How many years of experience do you have with energy trading, risk management, financial modeling, electric load forecasting, ISO Markets and energy regulations?

No experience
Less than one year
One to two years
Two to three years
Three to four years
More than four years

A primary responsibility of the Risk Management and Business Analysis Manager is to assess and strengthen your workgroup’s capabilities and ensure that staff have the training and guidance they need in order to achieve the group’s goals.  Please describe your experience assessing your staff’s capabilities and making assignments in a manner that achieves the most productive results. What steps did you take to determine the individual strengths?  What, if any, adjustments did you make and what was the ultimate outcome?  (250 Words Max)


The Risk Management and Business Analysis Manager is responsible for supervising and directing staff to perform complex, technical tasks.  This manager will also be required to explain technical concepts and calculation methodologies to non-technical decision makers.  Accurate communication of technical concepts is critical to the successful performance of this job. 

Please provide at least two examples of situations where you provided guidance and instruction to staff on technical subject matter and/or explained complex, technical concepts to a non-technical audience. (350 words max)


This position requires the ability to manage many daily tasks while continuing to make progress on longer term projects.  The ability to prioritize the work and communicate the priorities to staff is critical.  Please describe a situation where you worked on multiple projects and tasks.  How were you able to keep projects accurate and on-schedule?  (300 words max)


As a manager, you may face situations that require you to make “mid-course” corrections on projects due to forces beyond your control, or an unexpected event may require major changes to processes or procedures in a short period of time.  Please describe an example of a situation that required you to change tactics, direction or make changes to systems or processes, in order to ensure compliance or successfully complete a project. (300 words max)


Please describe your employment experience operational implementation of regulations, rules or tariffs as it relates to wholesale electric markets or regulatory agencies.  Include the most relevant examples in the last ten years, include your years of experience, and be specific about your role (lead, analyst, assistant, etc).  (500 words max)


Please describe your overall experience related to financial or energy data analysis, forecasting or risk management and include a specific example of a related project you were responsible for. Be specific about your responsibilities and the duration of your experience. (500 words max)


CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that all information is true and based on my education, training, skills, and experience. I understand that any false or incorrect statement may result in my disqualification of the selection process for this examination and/or dismissal from employment with the City and County of San Francisco. I also understand and agree that any information provided is subject to verification.