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Please select the type of WORKREATION job you are applying for:

Camp Assistant - Do you enjoy working with kids? Apply to work in one of Recreation and Parks' day camp programs in one of our Recreation Centers or neighborhood parks. Help with summer recreation activities including sports, arts & crafts, cooking, field trips, and special events.
Aquatics Assistant - Do you enjoy time at the pool? Apply to work in one of Recreation and Park's different pools and assist our Senior Swimming Instructors and Lifeguards. Experience working at a swim center and/or assisting with swim lessons desirable.
Office Assistant - Apply for a job working in Recreation and Park's offices with our department's administrative staff. Learn how the different parts of the department are run and help out with administrative tasks in our Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Support Services, and other units.
Facility Assistant - Apply for a job in one of Recreation and Park's many Recreation Centers or Playgrounds. Working in one of our facilities, you will be responsible for facility preparation including set up and/or breakdown for events, facility monitoring, interacting with the public at the front desk, and maintaining the facility's public displays.
Green Assistant - Enjoy working in the outdoors? Apply for a job assisting our gardeners in keeping our parks clean and beautiful including planting and weeding.

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Are you currently enrolled in High School? (Please note, to be eligible for the WORKREATION program, applicants must be in High School.)

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What is the name and address of the high school you currently attend? If your high school program is run through City College of San Francisco, please be sure to indicate this below.


If you answered 'No' to BOTH questions 7 and 9, please answer the following question (otherwise skip to question 11):


Do you have a parent that works in San Francisco?

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If you answered 'Yes' to question 10, please provide your parent’s name, employer, and work address:


Do you have any previous work experience (either paid or unpaid)? If yes, please describe that experience and explain what you liked the most about it. If not, please explain why you feel you would be a good fit for a position with the SF Recreation and Park Department.


Please tell us about your special skills, talents, hobbies or interests. How might these skills be useful if you are selected for a position with us?


WORKREATION students will be required to wear a uniform at work. Please select your T-Shirt size below (all sizes are in men’s).

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I acknowledge that I have read the job announcement and am responsible for completing all requirements established by the WORKREATION program's application, selection, and onboarding processes. If selected to advance in the selection process, I will timely respond to the interview self-scheduling survey and complete all onboarding requirements as stated in the job announcement as well as in any WORKREATION notices sent to me. I understand that failure to complete all requirements may disqualify my application from participation in the WORKREATION program.


I hereby certify that I am the author of this application and that all information is true and based on my background, skills and experience. I understand that any false, incomplete or incorrect statement may result in my disqualification or dismissal from employment with the City and County of San Francisco. I understand and agree that any information provided is subject to verification.