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4310 Customer Service Billing and Collection Assistant Manager

Supplemental Questionnaire Instructions



All applicants are required to complete the Supplemental Questionnaire as part of the online application process.

The purpose of the Supplemental Questionnaire is to determine whether applicants possess the minimum qualifications and the knowledge, skills and abilities in job-related areas that have been identified as critical for satisfactory performance in this position. The information provided should be consistent with the information on your application and is subject to verification.

This Supplemental Questionnaire will account for 60% of the total weight of your final score. Applicants are encouraged to answer all questions thoroughly and completely. It is suggested that you review the questions and then prepare your responses in a word processing document, and copy and paste them into the online Supplemental Questionnaire. Responses should be sufficiently detailed to assist in evaluating your qualifications for this position. Please limit responses to one page (approx. 500 words).

Only the information you provide in your answers to these questions will be evaluated to determine your score in the selection process for this position. No attachments or additional documents such as resumes, cover letters, or employment applications will be considered (i.e. Writing ‘see resume’ or ’N/A’ is not a sufficient response).  Insufficient or omitted information will not be assumed and may result in ineligibility, disqualification, or lower scores. Only applicants meeting the minimum qualifications for this position will receive a score for this examination.


By checking the following box, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the above listed instructions regarding the supplemental questionnaire instructions.


Question #1

Based on your work experience, how have you handled and resolved a highly sensitive and/or challenging customer complaint?  Describe the situation, the role you played in resolving the situation, and the outcome of the situation.


Question #2

Describe your experience handling a situation that required you to interpret and apply laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, and/or policies regarding complex billing in utilities or other billed services. In your response, include the specifics of the situation and all relevant laws and regulations that were applied and explain the outcome.


Question #3:

Describe your professional experience working with a diverse group of people in order to complete an assigned project. In your response, please provide an example of the project, your role in the project, the steps you took to establish and maintain positive working relationships, and the strategies you used to motivate the group in order to complete project in order to achieve the desired goal.  What was the project outcome and what could you have done differently?


Question #4

Describe your experience working with various customer information and billing systems and advanced customer contact center solutions applications. List the types of systems and describe your experience with those systems.


I hereby certify that the information provided on this self-certification is true and based on my training, skills and experience. I understand that any false or incorrect statement may result in my disqualification of the selection process for this position and/or dismissal from employment with the City and County of San Francisco.