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Supplemental Questionnaire

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Please complete the following supplemental questionnaire. This is an important part of your application package that will allow us to thoroughly assess and evaluate your qualifications for the position.  When responding to the questions related to your experience, please provide a detailed description that includes the name of your employer, dates of employment, and job title.   


Provide a description of your senior-level management experience in a large public health care system.  Include your responsibility for major program planning, budgeting, and implementation.


Describe your experience in developing and implementing quality control and quality improvement programs and initiatives, and level of responsibility.


Please describe your budget experience, including the size and complexity of the budget and your level of responsibility.


Describe your knowledge and experience working with federal and state representatives and evaluating and interpreting legislation.


Provide an example of a creative and innovative solution or improvement you suggested in a health care  delivery setting that is still being used today.