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Supplemental Questionnaire

Last Name
First Name


Your interest in the City of Tampa as a prospective employer is sincerely appreciated. 

Please answer the following questions. Failure to do so may eliminate your application from consideration


What is your current university enrollment status?

Full-Time Undergraduate Student (Fall/Spring - 12 Credit Hours; Summer - 6 Credit Hours)
Full-Time Graduate Student (Fall/Spring - 9 Credit Hours; Summer - 6 Credit Hours)
Part-Time Undergraduate/Graduate Student
Not currently enrolled in school

Please tell us what type of internship are you interested in?

Paid Internship
Unpaid Internship
None of the above

When is your projected graduation date?


Please select the department(s) that you are interested in for your internship. (more than one department may be selected)

Neighborhood & Community Affairs
Mobility (Stormwater/Transportation Parking)
Technology & Innovation
City Attorney/Legal
Marketing & Communications
Solid Waste
Infrastructure Administration
Convention Center
Contract Administration
Revenue & Finance
Community Redevelopment Areas
Development Growth Management
City Clerk

Which semester will you be available to do the internship? (select all that apply)


How many hours per week are you available to work?

less than 10 hrs.
10-15 hrs.
15-20 hrs.
20-30 hrs.
30+ hrs.

Do you have experience using the following technology? Please select all that apply.

Microsoft suite software (e.g. Office, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Visio)
Electronic mail software (e.g. Outlook, email software)
Internet browser
Document management software (e.g. Adobe; records management software)
Enterprise resource planning ERP software (e.g. Oracle PeopleSoft Financials, NetSuiteERP, SAP)
Data base user interface and query software (e.g. data entry software, Oracle)
Time accounting software (e.g. Kronos, other timekeeping software)
GIS software
Web page creation and editing software (e.g. Adobe Systems Adobe Dreamweaver; Facebook ; Social media sites; Website management software
Graphics or photo imaging software (e.g. Adobe Systems Adobe Creative Cloud; Adobe Systems Adobe Illustrator ; JamBoard; SmugMug Flickr)
Statistical Analysis
No prior experience.

 Are you receiving college credit or fulfilling an internship requirement for your degree program? If so, please provide the program information and/or professor associated with that program.


If you selected "OTHER" in the previous question, please tell us the type of technology you have experience on. 

If you didn't select this option, please write "N/A."