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Supplemental Questionnaire

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INSTRUCTIONS: Please answer the following questions relating to your experience or comparable experience. Make sure that the information mentioned in the questions below, properly reflects on the work experience provided on the application. Failure to do so may eliminate your application from consideration.

I have read and acknowledge the statement above
   Salary Table by Classification 
Professional Plans Reviewer I $63,024.00 $94,536.00
Professional Plans Reviewer II $65,915.20 $98,883.20
Professional Plans Reviewer III $69,014.40 $103,480.00
Professional Plans Reviewer IV $72,113.60 $108,160.00
I have read and acknowledge the Salary Classification chart above.

Do you possess a valid driver's license?


Do you possess any of the following: 

Florida Standard Plans Examiner License: Building, Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing
Florida Registered Architect License
Florida Registered Engineer License (P.E.)
I do not possess any of the licenses mentioned above, but I am able and willing to obtain one license within 24 months of employment
None of the above

How many years of experience do you have in building construction, architecture and engineering activities?

5 years
6 years
7+ years
No related experience

If you selected "a number of years of experience" in the previous question, tell us:

  • The position title and
  • Brief description of the role and duties you were responsible at that position

If you selected "NO", please write “N/A.”