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The City of Ventura is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We promote equal employment opportunity
to all qualified applicants without regard to age, race, color, religious creed, sex, sexual
orientation, national origin, ancestry, marital status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, gender, gender identity, gender expression, and military and veteran status.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if you need an accommodation in a selection process, please notify the Human Resources Department in writing by the final filing date of the position you are interested in.  The Human Resources address is: 501 Poli Street, Room 210, Ventura, Ca  93001, (805) 654-7853, e-mail:

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Regular Job Opportunities

Regular job openings
Job Title SalaryDeadlineAdditional RequirementsStatus
Assistant Human Resources Director 17-M01-001 $110,632.50 - $148,247.84/year Thursday,
May 31 11:59 PM
Supplemental Questionnaire Status
Code Enforcement Manager 17-M08-001 $84,318.00 - $112,986.85/year Ongoing Supplemental Questionnaire Status
Code/Senior Code Inspector (2 vacancies) 17-J25-001 Inspector: $55,784-$67,806/year Senior: $61,330-$74,548/year Ongoing Supplemental Questionnaire Status
Laboratory Assistant 17-A27-001 $40,540.86 - $49,277.49/year Monday,
June 4 11:59 PM
Supplemental Questionnaire Status
Lateral Firefighter Paramedic 17-F04-001 $69,792.49 - $89,074.59/year Ongoing Supplemental Questionnaire Status
Lateral Public Safety Dispatcher (911 Operator) 17-K23-001 54,682.99 - $66,467.23/year Ongoing Supplemental Questionnaire Status
Plans Examiner 17-S03-002 $65,552.24 - $87,840.48/year Ongoing Supplemental Questionnaire Status
Police Officer (Lateral or Academy-Trained) 17-P02-001 $76,289.62 - $92,730.98/year Ongoing Supplemental Questionnaire Status
Systems Analyst I/II 17-S87-001 I: $67,191 - $90,037/year II: $74,166 - $99,383/year Monday,
May 28 11:59 PM
Supplemental Questionnaire Status
Water Resources Account Supervisor 17-S69-001 $67,191.07 - $90,036.96/year Monday,
June 11 11:59 PM
Supplemental Questionnaire Status

Temporary Job Opportunities

Temporary job openings
Job Title SalaryDeadlineAdditional RequirementsStatus
Police Cadet 17-K15-001 $10.91 - $13.25/hour Ongoing Supplemental Questionnaire Status
Recreation and Community Partnerships Opportunities 17-R21-001 Rec Leader I/II ($10.50 - $12.25/hr); Rec Specialist ($10.50 - $20.00/hr) Ongoing Supplemental Questionnaire Status

In-House Career Opportunities

This section posts job opportunities that are open only to regular-status City of Ventura employees. Temporary, Extra Help, and Intern employees are not eligible to apply for opportunities listed in this section, and are encouraged to consider opportunities listed in the section above. This notice is for employees only.
In-House Career openings
Job Title SalaryDeadlineAdditional RequirementsStatus
Senior Civil Engineer 17-S98-001 Wednesday,
May 30 11:59 PM
Supplemental Questionnaire Status

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