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CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT:  All City and County of San Francisco employees are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment.  For details on how it is applicable to your employment, please click here.

In line with the Official Public Health Order to slow the spread of COVID-19, “shelter-in-place” has been issued for all San Francisco residents that is expected to be in effect until further notice.  As a result, Department of Human Resources (DHR)’s office (located at 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 4thFloor, San Francisco, CA 94103) is currently closed to the general public. If you have any questions, please email the Human Resources Analyst listed on this announcement.

Please be sure to read the entire announcement before completing an application

Clerically amended to reflect updates to the Working Conditions and Benefits,

Application and Selection Procedures, Appeal Rights and Vision Testing.


The City and County of San Francisco invites you to join a highly respected police department and serve the citizens of one of the most beautiful cities in the country. San Francisco Police Officers perform a wide variety of duties to promote public safety and security, prevent crime and enforce the law. Police officers perform a number of essential functions. For example, they patrol districts to prevent and detect crime; respond to calls for assistance; conduct criminal investigations; interact with the community to build cooperation and support; pursue and arrest suspects; enforce traffic and parking laws; write reports and maintain records; work with superiors, peers, and others as a team; prepare for and participate in planned events; prepare for court and give testimony; and fulfill other administrative duties when required. This is much more than a job; it is an opportunity to build a career of which you can be proud.


Working Conditions and Benefits

A Police Officer works 40 hours per week on different shifts and overtime may be required. San Francisco offers excellent benefits and the current starting salary is $89,856 per year. After seven years of service a Police Officer may earn up to $125,034 per year. You will receive comprehensive training, at your full starting salary, which includes 31 weeks at the Police Academy prior to field training at one of the district stations.

Minimum Qualifications

Eligibility Requirements (verified during Background Investigation)

Citizenship: Applicants must be United States citizens.


Age:  Applicants must be at least 20 years old when they take the examination and at least 21 years of age by the time of appointment. (Civil Service Rule 210.10)


Driver’s License:  Applicants must possess and maintain a valid driver license to operate an automobile at the time of application and throughout the selection process. Possession of a valid California Driver License is required prior to the date of hire.


Education:  Applicants must be a U.S. High School Graduate or have passed a G.E.D. or the California High School Proficiency Examination or have an AA or higher degree from an accredited college or university.


Judicial Record:  Applicants must NOT have been:

§  Convicted of a felony;

§  Convicted of an offense involving domestic violence;

§  Convicted of any misdemeanor that carries a penalty of prohibiting ownership, possession or control or a firearm; or

§  Restricted from employment with the City and County of San Francisco. 

Desirable Qualifications

·Experience in the United States Military

·Proficiency in a second language relevant to San Francisco communities

How To Apply

Applications for City and County of San Francisco jobs are only accepted through an online process. Visit www.jobaps.com/sf to register an account (if you have not already done so) and begin the application process.

§  Select the desired job announcement

§  Select “Apply” and read and acknowledge the information

§  Select either “I am a New User” if you have not previously registered, or “I have Registered Previously”

§  Follow instructions on the screen

Applicants may be contacted by email about this announcement and, therefore, it is their responsibility to ensure that their registered email address is accurate and kept up-to-date.  Also, applicants must ensure that email from CCSF is not blocked on their computer by a spam filter. To prevent blocking, applicants should set up their email to accept CCSF mail from the following addresses (@sfgov.org, @sfdpw.org, @sfport.com, @flysfo.com, @sfwater.org, @sfdph.org, @asianart.org, @sfmta.com, @sfpl.org, @dcyf.org, @first5sf.org, @famsf.org, @ccsf.edu).

Applicants will receive a confirmation email that their online application has been received in response to every announcement for which they file.  Applicants should retain this confirmation email for their records.  Failure to receive this email means that the online application was not submitted or received.

All work experience, education, training and other information substantiating how you meet the minimum qualifications must be included on your application by the filing deadline.  Information submitted after the filing deadline will not be considered in determining whether you meet the minimum qualifications.

Applications completed improperly may be cause for ineligibility, disqualification or may lead to lower scores.

If you have any questions regarding this recruitment or application process, please contact the exam analyst, Liezel Cruz by telephone at 415-551-8947 or by email at dhr-publicsafety@sfgov.org 


Selection Plan

Step 1:    Next, schedule yourself to take the “FrontLine National” law enforcement examination administered by the National Testing Network (NTN). Do so by visiting the NTN website below: https://nationaltestingnetwork.com/publicsafetyjobs/search.cfm?position=1&state=All+States

If you have problems scheduling the examination, the contact information for NTN Customer Support: support@nationaltestingnetwork.com or 855-821-3761.

As part of this process, you will need to establish an account with NTN. A fee is required to take the FrontLine National examination. Candidates with demonstrated financial hardship may submit a request to have the fee waived prior to test registration. See “Candidate FAQ #27” on the NTN website (www.nationaltestingnetwork.com/publicsafetyjobs/faqs.cfm) to learn more on how to apply for a fee waiver.

There are three components to the FrontLine National exam: a video-based human relations test, a reading ability test, and a written language ability test. The passing scores are:

· Video: 65
· Writing: 75
· Reading: 75

Candidates must pass each test independently. The scores are not averaged. The Reading and Writing tests are scored on a pass/fail basis.

The video-based human relations score will be converted to a 700-1085 point scale and candidates will be ranked on the eligible list based on their video score.

Testing takes approximately 2 1/2 hours. Upon receipt of test scores from NTN, the City and County of San Francisco will notify candidates of their test result.

Please note that the NTN website provides a description of the test components and directions for scheduling a test for the San Francisco Police Department. The website offers a practice test for purchase with sample items.

Your eligible list score will be valid and 'banked' for two years, starting from the date that we obtain the score. This means that, during the two-year period from your initial placement on the eligible list, you will not be required to re-take this test and if for example, you are released from the Academy, you may choose to reapply and use your banked score to get back on the list. You always have the option to re-take the test provided it has been at least 90 days since your last test. Should you re-test, your re-test score would become your official score.
Step 2: Take the Public Safety Job Suitability Assessment on the NTN website. This is a two-component online test and you must complete both parts.

Step 3: Candidates that attain passing scores on the FrontLine National test will be notified to take a Physical Ability Test (PAT) and an Oral Interview (OI), both of which are pass/fail. The PAT will assess physical abilities needed to perform essential police officer tasks and successfully complete academy training through four events. The physical abilities include: muscular strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, equilibrium, and abilities involving all-out effort.

The OI will assess community involvement, interest and motivation, interpersonal skills, problem solving, oral communication skills and abilities not tested by other examination components.

Candidates will be notified via email of their pass/fail status on the PAT and OI. Those that do not pass may request another opportunity to re-take the test no sooner than 6 months from their previous attempt.

In accordance with Civil Service Commission Rule 211.16.1, candidates may appeal the administration of the examination components. All appeals must be filed in writing with the Department of Human Resources within five (5) calendar days of the administration of the examination component giving rise to the appeal. A day that the Department of Human Resources is closed shall not be counted as the fifth (5th) calendar day.  Appeals shall be limited as defined in Rule 211.16.1 https://sfgov.org/civilservice/rule-211-examinations

Selection Procedures

Eligible List / Certification Rule
Candidates that pass both test components (i.e., the FrontLine National exam and the Oral Interview) will have their names added to the eligible list. Candidate names will remain on the list for a maximum period of 24 months. The Police Department has the option to hire any candidate on the eligible list (“Rule of List”). Therefore, placement on this list neither guarantees nor implies that you will be offered employment. The Police Department will administer the remaining processes outlined below to determine who shall advance further in the hiring process and be considered for appointment.
Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) Evaluation
The PHQ evaluation is an on-line survey in a multiple-choice format, which solicits information regarding each applicant’s background and criminal history. The PHQ identifies those candidates who appear most likely to pass the full background investigation.
Employment, Character, and Background Investigation
Employment, Character, and Background Investigation The background investigation process includes an in-depth review of the candidate's private and public life including use of social media to identify biases. This includes, but is not limited to, actions such as use of slurs, bias, disparate behavior or treatment of others or selective enforcement based on a protected status such as race, sex, or sexual orientation. Evidence of such biases will weigh heavily in the selection process. Criminal history, repeated or serious unlawful behavior, use of controlled substances, poor credit, unsatisfactory job performance, inability to deal with co-workers, inability to accept supervision, negative employment or personal references, moral character (integrity), safe driving practices, confronting and overcoming problems, omissions of information or incomplete documents, bad decision making and judgment, lack of personal accountability and responsibility, not cooperating with the investigation process or other relevant factors will also weigh heavily in the selection process.


Review of Judicial and Driving Records
A review of judicial and driving records will be conducted for all candidates. Candidates must give a full and complete listing of all motor vehicle violations on their background forms. Driving records will be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Any significant discrepancy between the candidate's statement and Department of Motor Vehicles records will be cause for disqualification.
The following misdemeanor violations may be cause for rejection if they occurred within the past three years immediately prior to the date of application and extending to the time of appointment:  drunk driving; reckless driving; hit and run with personal injury or hit and run with property damage; other violation(s) indicating individual disregard for safe vehicle operation. Candidates who incur negligent operator probation or license suspension at any time within one year prior to the date of application will be disqualified. The same is true for candidates who incur license suspension or operator probation at any time from the date of application to the date of appointment. Two moving violation convictions in the last 24 months or three moving violation convictions in the last 36 months from the date of application may be cause for rejection.
Polygraph Examination
A polygraph examination will be used to verify the veracity and accuracy of information submitted by candidates regarding, but not necessarily limited to:  use of controlled substances; driving, criminal, medical and employment history; and other job-related factors.
Testing for Use of Controlled Substances
Testing for use of controlled substances is required. Any use of controlled substances after the date of application may be cause for rejection; rejection is mandatory for illegal use. Rejection for prior use of controlled substance(s) is based on the type of substance(s) used and the frequency and recency of such usage. All information submitted by candidates regarding the use of controlled substances will be reviewed during the polygraph examination.
Psychological Examination
The psychological examination consists of written tests and a clinical interview to determine the candidate's fitness and suitability for police work.
Medical Examination
The medical examination consists of a rigorous medical screening and is currently provided by Occupational Health Services at San Francisco General Hospital. Each candidate will be individually evaluated and any current or past medical condition that is likely to compromise the candidate's ability to perform the essential functions of the position may be cause for rejection. Height and weight guidelines will be strictly enforced. The Police Department Physician will evaluate the results of the initial medical examination to determine the candidate's fitness for employment as a Police Officer. The medical examination includes the taking of blood and urine samples.
Vision Testing
Vision testing is required as part of the medical evaluation. If correction is necessary, corrective lenses must be available at the time of the test. While each situation will be evaluated on an individual basis, all candidates must have a visual acuity of 20/20 in at least one eye, either unaided or corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses. All candidates must have entirely full visual fields and must achieve a passing score on a color vision test. Color vision deficiencies may be cause for rejection.
Hearing Testing

Hearing testing is also required. Loss of hearing may be disqualifying. The uncorrected auditory threshold for each ear in the frequencies of 500 to 600 Hz should be 25 db or less.

Conviction History

As a selected candidate for a job, you will be fingerprinted, and your fingerprints will be sent to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The resulting report of your conviction history (if any) will be used to determine whether the nature of your conviction (or arrest, in limited circumstances) conflicts with the specific duties and responsibilities of the job for which you are a selected candidate. If a conflict exists, you will be asked to present any evidence of rehabilitation that may mitigate the conflict, except when federal or state regulations bar employment in specific circumstances, such as:

  • Candidates for positions with the Unified School District and the Community College District may be disqualified from consideration should their conviction history not meet the standards established under the California Education Code.
  • Candidates for positions with the Recreation and Park Department may be disqualified from consideration should their conviction history not meet the standards established under California Public Resources Code 5164.

Having a conviction history does not automatically preclude you from a job with the City.

If you are a selected candidate, the hiring department will contact you to schedule a fingerprinting appointment.

Disaster Service Workers

All City and County of San Francisco employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through state and local law (California Government Code Section 3100-3109). Employment with the City requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect. Employees are required to complete all Disaster Service Worker-related training as assigned, and to return to work as ordered in the event of an emergency.



Important employment information for the City and County of San Francisco can be obtained at http://www.sfdhr.org/index.aspx?page=5 or at 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor.


Applicants with disabilities who meet the minimum eligibility requirements for this job announcement can find information on requesting a reasonable ADA Accommodation at: 


Applicants must be guided solely by the provisions of this announcement, including requirements, time periods and other particulars, except when superseded by federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations. Clerical errors may be corrected by the posting of the correction on the Department of Human Resources website at www.jobaps.com/sf.


The terms of this examination announcement may be appealed under Civil Service Rule 211.5.1, provided that such appeal is submitted in writing in the Department of Human Resources, 1 S Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103-5413 by close of business on the 5th business day following the issuance date of this examination announcement.  Go to www.sfgov.org/Civil_Service for more information on applicable appeal rights and submission requirements under the Civil Service Rules; and for Civil Service Rules, policies and procedures on announcements, applications and examinations.


Candidates must pass each of the selection components unless otherwise noted on the announcement. The Department reserves the right to waive selection components for individuals based on prior experience or certification.


If candidate populations exceed the capacity for a given Oral Interview test date, the City reserves the right to schedule candidates across the next, available test date.


Candidates that are currently employed as a peace officer, possess a current Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certificate and have two years of patrol experience should indicate on the supplemental questionnaire portion of their job application that they are “lateral candidates”. Lateral candidates will need to pass the FrontLine National examination, the work sample test battery (i.e., WSTB administered by the South Bay Regional Academy) and the Oral Interview to be placed on the eligible list and be considered for appointment. If hired, lateral candidates may be placed in abbreviated academy and Field Training Officer (FTO) training programs. These candidates may also start at a salary step higher than the entry level.

Upon successful completion of the FTO program, candidates with a verified Intermediate or Advanced POST certificate may apply for a salary upgrade.


Candidates that are rejected for hire based upon a history of controlled substance abuse, psychological testing and/or background factors are not eligible to reapply for two (2) years from the date of disqualification. The Police Department reserves the right to disqualify individuals who have previously been rejected for hire based upon conditions that are not subject to change, e.g., non-correctable medical conditions, felony convictions, controlled substance abuse. In addition, the Department may reject, within a two (2) year period from final disqualification, individuals who have previously been rejected for hire based upon psychological testing or background factors. Final disposition, in the instance of an appeal of disqualification, shall be that date on which all administrative remedies have been exhausted.


Candidates on the eligible list may waive an offer of appointment one time only. A second waiver of appointment renders candidates ineligible.


Any changes to your contact information (name, address, phone number, etc.) should be updated immediately. To update your contact information, go to www.jobaps.com/sf, click on “Update My Contact Info,” enter your UserID and Password, then enter your new information. You must click on “Update Contact Information” again at the bottom of the page in order for your changes to be submitted. Failure to maintain current contact information may result in loss of eligibility.


Applicants should keep copies of all documents submitted, as these will not be returned.


Veteran’s Preference

To be eligible for Veteran’s Preference, an applicant must have served on active duty (non-reserve duty) and been released from active duty under conditions other than dishonorable at the time of application filing. Applicants who served in the military after January 31, 1955 for at least 181 consecutive days of active duty prior to discharge may be eligible for Veteran’s Preference. Applicants who served prior to this date or who served in time of war or during an expedition for service in which a medal was authorized by the government of the United States may also be eligible. Widows/widowers or surviving domestic partners of deceased eligible veterans may also qualify for Veteran’s Entitlement credit. In order to be considered for Veteran’s Preference, applicants must submit a copy of their Form DD214 or other acceptable documentation and complete a City and County of San Francisco Veteran’s Preference Application. Widows/widowers or surviving domestic partners must also provide documentation of relationship to deceased veteran, and the veteran’s death certificate. Individuals who have received permanent appointment with the City and County of San Francisco from an eligible list and who successfully completed the required probationary period are not eligible for Veteran’s Preference Points. Information regarding requests for Veterans Preference can be found at: 



Carol Isen,

Director of Human Resources
Announcement No.: CCT-Q002-060667
Issued: November 7, 2013

Amended: May 24, 2016

Amended: January 9, 2017

Amended: January 24, 2019

Amended: March 9, 2021
Public Safety Team


All employees hired on or after January 10, 2009 will be required (pursuant to San Francisco Charter Section A8.432) to contribute 2% of pre-tax compensation to fund retiree healthcare. In addition, most employees are required to make a member contribution towards retirement, ranging from 7.5% - 13.25% of compensation. For more information on these provisions, please contact your departmental personnel officer.

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